Rodman returns to North Korea to visit “nice guy” Kim

January 6, 2014

Former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman (L) arrives at Pyongyang airport in Pyongyang, in this photo released by Kyodo January 6, 2014. Rodman left Beijing for North Korea on Monday with a team of retired basketball players to mark the birthday of “nice guy” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Mandatory Credit. REUTERS/Kyodo

Rodman and Kim: BFFs

Dennis Rodman, the bedazzled, self-appointed citizen ambassador to North Korea is paying his friend, “nice guy” Kim Jong Un, another visit. Just weeks after Kim reportedly executed his uncle, Rodman is travelling to celebrate the North Korean leader’s birthday.


Cancer research gets a $540 million leg-up

A jaw-dropping $540 million donation for cancer research from the estate of deceased shipping magnate Daniel Ludwig could mark one of the largest-ever gifts made to combat the disease.


Video: Practice makes — hopefully — perfect for Syrian chemical weapons removal

Drills have started for the team tasked with a tense nautical mission: removing chemical weapons out of Syria.


Pope Francis: still not cool with same-sex marriage

No, the leader of the Catholic Church doesn’t support legal recognition of same-sex marriages in Italy. After Pope Francis called for greater understanding of “a generation that is changing,” the Vatican clarified that he didn’t intend to advocate for gay unions.


Commentary: Why parents need universal preschool

Is public preschool good for kids? Sure. But it’s even more beneficial for parents, Reuters columnist Reihan Salam argues.


Rocks and pebbles block the sea-front road following Atlantic storms at Penhors, western France, January 5, 2014. High winds, heavy rain and high tides coincided to wreak havoc throughout the France’s western-most department of Finistere throughout the year-end holidays season and the start of the new year. REUTERS/Mal Langsdon

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