Monica, marijuana and minimum sentences

May 7, 2014
A letter from Monica Lewinsky to President Clinton dated June 29, 1997. REUTERS/File

A letter from Monica Lewinsky to President Clinton dated June 29, 1997. REUTERS/File

Gallery: Insert blue dress joke here

The president, the intern and one very snoopy friend: With the publication of now-40-year-old Monica Lewinsky’s tell-all in Vanity Fair, Reuters offers a look back at the defining moments of the affair and scandal.


White collar, dark times

An advocacy group is lobbying for shorter prison sentences for perpetrators of financial crimes.


Eat that shredded wheat

Upping fiber intake after a heart attack can prolong your life, new data show.


Rodeo Drive: now with less shale gas drilling!

Beverly Hills becomes the first California municipality to ban the controversial practice of fracking.


A step forward for medical marijuana

The Minnesota State Senate advances a measure to legalize access to pot for sick patients.


Video: More like swim-ba, amirite?!

Four lion cubs take a dip in the Smithsonian National Zoo’s pool to test whether their doggy paddle is big cat-approved.


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An affair with a much older married man – whose wife happens to be away a lot of the time – doesn’t sound like a smart move for a young lady.

It’s true that falling in love can interfere with a person’s rational thinking but this kind of behavior is dangerous and seems a little scatterbrained.

No wonder it turned out so bad.

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I still think this is a private matter. Why does it have to be published?

Posted by mtlnd | Report as abusive

This is hysterical. She claims she almost became a recluse because she couldn’t go anywhere…that she just wanted to live her life blah, blah, blah. Right. Writing a book will help with all that… A schemer then. A schemer now.

Posted by writergolfcoach | Report as abusive

Gads, the whole thing is ancient history considering how fast and furious scandals fly around the ‘net these days. The 90′s. Really, who cares? I always felt it was a personal matter for the Clintons anyway. The impeachment proceedings were at best a farce, and it cost a lot of taxpayer dollars for what ended up being nothing.

If we dug into every impropriety that our elected servants do, we’d go broke as a nation paying the attorneys fees …

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