Birds of a feather poop together

March 25, 2015


Poop-producing villains. REUTERS/Eric Miller

Poop-producing villains. REUTERS/Eric Miller

Who let the dogs out? The U.S. Park Service, potentially.

The federal agency may soon employ dogs – border collies, to be specific – to chase off and ultimately reduce the Canada goose population at popular Washington, D.C., landmarks, according to Reuters. It’s not that Canadian geese are unpatriotic per se (though the irony is rich); the birds drop up to three pounds of feces each per day, presenting undeniable problems. The goose poop is reportedly damaging the pumps and filters in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and generally fowling up the Washington Monument grounds in the nation’s capital.

Nothing scatological ahead — just more news you might have missed:


Don’t give us your poor, your tired or your skilled

The United States ranks near-last among major world economies when it comes to welcoming skilled immigrants, a new study shows.


Italy knocking on Knox

The highest court in Italy has delayed until Friday its ruling on the fate of Amanda Knox, the American student convicted of killing her roommate in 2007. Knox lives in the U.S. now, following an appeal. But if this latest legal challenge proves successful for prosecutors, Knox may face extradition to Italy.


Let them eat cake – we’ll eat baguettes

North Korea sent some of its chefs to train in France, according to reports, in order to cater to the tastes of the wealthy elite of capital Pyongyang. This, despite the widespread food shortage problem for the rest of the population.


Video: Your phone is starting to control your mind

Well… kind of. According to new research, smartphone usage is altering the way your brain communicates with your thumb. It’s probably all that Candy Crush.

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