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October 28, 2015
Screengrab/Reuters TV

Screengrab/Reuters TV

Step aside, Billy Corgan.

A Minnesota man gave his audience a smashing pumpkin worth talking about this Halloween season, sending his 1,465-pound pumpkin crashing into a minivan — intentionally. Volunteers lifted the superlative squash high into the air and let one lucky pumpkin-dropper yank a cord, sending the orangey orb plummeting. Both minivan and pumpkin were destroyed.

Mourn the pumpkin pies that could have been — and read on for more news you may have missed:


On the road to gold?

The U.S. women’s gymnastics team dominated at the World Gymnastics Championships, perhaps providing a preview of their future performance at the Rio Games nine months from now.


Video: Robot diver

A low-cost, underwater robot, which its users can control through the internet, may soon aid oceanic research.


Video: Oh, give me a home where the buffalo race

Thailand celebrates its annual buffalo race, where jockeys vie to ride the speediest beast.


Walked right into that one

A dog named Trigger accidentally (I hope) shoots his owner during a waterfowl hunt. Both owner and dog are fine.


But the third bus passenger was just right

Overly loud passengers — and passengers who are sleeping — will soon face expulsion from bus and light rail trains in Sacramento, California. Calibrate your noise level accordingly.

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