Is a 10 percent chance of disaster too high for a nuclear power station?

March 29, 2011

JAPAN-QUAKE/Kevin Krolicki has another alarming special report from Japan today challenging the assertion that the disaster facing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was beyond expections.

The report quotes Tokyo Electric’s own¬†researchers who did a study in 2007 on the risk of tsunamis:¬†

The research paper concluded that there was a roughly 10 percent chance that a tsunami could test or overrun the defenses of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant within a 50-year span based on the most conservative assumptions.

But Tokyo Electric did nothing to change its safety planning based on that study, which was presented at a nuclear engineering conference in Miami in July 2007.

Read the full special report in PDF format here.


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Totally selfish and unacceptable, look at the consequences. All reasonable people that care for their fellow beings, as well as for the integrity of the earth’s environment have to oppose these forces that gamble with our very existence.

Posted by richardmyers33 | Report as abusive

What fools. Only to be surpassed by the fools in the US who will refuse to discontinue our own Nuke plants despite of the disaster unfolding in Japan.

Posted by salviati | Report as abusive

Japan has major earthquakes every year. I think they mean a 10% chance of breach for every nuclear plant (w/i 50 years). That’s a lot more than a 10% chance overall.

Posted by hotturtle | Report as abusive

Why should people be expected to accept the risk of deadly disaster? There is no need for the risk. No other method of electric generation can produce such great and widespread harm. Nuclear power should be outlawed.

Posted by aligatorhardt | Report as abusive