Nuclear power in scary places

June 9, 2011

Today’s special report “After Japan, what’s the next nuclear weak link?” takes a look at developing countries’ plans for nuclear power. Read the story in PDF format here.

Andrew Neff of IHS Global Insight sums up the issue in this section:

If in a modern, stable democracy, there could be apparently lax regulatory oversight, failure of infrastructure, and a slow response to a crisis from authorities, then it begs the question of how others would handle a similar situation. 

“If Japan can’t cope with the implications of a disaster like this,” said Andrew Neff, a senior energy analyst at economic analysis and market intelligence group IHS Global Insight, “then in some ways I think it’s a legitimate exercise to question whether other less-developed countries could cope.”

The nuclear power industry is booming, with countries like China, Russia and India leading the way in building new plants, as this graphic shows:

Of course, Three Mile Island and Fukishima show that having a developed economy and democracy is no guarantee of safety in the nuclear field, but the prospect of nuclear technology in the hands of corrupt or authoritarian governments has some experts worried.


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The ‘of nuclear technology’ in human hands isn’t just a ‘worry’, it’s a disaster happening now at Fukushima.

Big government and nuclear insanity go hand in hand. What principle of democracy allows us to risk leaving vast swaths of land uninhabitable for hundreds or thousands of years?

By using nuclear power, we become the corrupt authoritarian government imposing the cost of nuclear waste and accidents upon untold generations to come.

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if measures are not taken then we can face another holocaust in coming years, for the sake of coming generation we have to take strong attempts to role back the Faulty Nuclear reactors those have chances of damages due to natural calamity..

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