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Ten years of Jeff Immelt at GE: A look back


Here’s what Scott Malone has to say about today’s special report: “GE thrives, Wall Street yawns, Immelt charges on.”

The ten years that Jeff Immelt has led General Electric Co go down as some of the most tumultuous the world has seen in half a century.

From the 9/11 attacks, which hit days after Immelt took the reins from Jack Welch, to the financial crisis of 2008 that rocked its GE Capital finance arm and threatened to swamp the whole company, his years as CEO have been rocked by crisis.

For all that, the 55-year-old executive has emerged with what some describe as a far simpler, safer GE — once more making most of its money by making and servicing high-end capital equipment like jet engines and electric turbines.