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Twitter Collection: Alan Rickman, ‘always’

January 14, 2016

Twitter tributes to British actor Alan Rickman, who has died after a battle with cancer aged 69, show that his villainous roles leave him a hero to many.

Twitter Collection: Another very white Oscars

January 14, 2016

The 2015 hashtag #OscarsSoWhite was quickly revived on Twitter as the Academy Award nominations showed a lack of diversity – again.

Twitter Collection: Powerball becomes the world’s largest jackpot

January 13, 2016

At $1.5 billion, the Powerball jackpot is now the largest-ever U.S. lottery prize as well as the world’s biggest potential jackpot for a single winner, according to lottery officials. On Twitter, ticket-holders are making plans for the money, from taking up residence in Dunkin’ Donuts to buying the Playboy Mansion:

Twitter Collection: Iran releases U.S. sailors

January 13, 2016

Iran released 10 U.S. sailors held overnight after entering Iranian territorial waters. The incident comes only days ahead of the expected implementation of a landmark nuclear accord between Tehran and world powers. This is what was said on Twitter:

Twitter Collection: David Bowie dies

January 11, 2016

Singer David Bowie has died after an 18-month battle with cancer, his official Twitter account announced on Monday.

Twitter Collection: First anniversary of Charlie Hebdo attacks

January 7, 2016

French police shot dead a man wielding a meat cleaver after he tried to enter police station on the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo militant attacks in Paris. On Twitter, commentators remembered last year’s events, responded to the day’s shooting and poked fun at Donald Trump for appearing to suggest that Paris was in Germany.

Twitter Collection: Wall Street hit by China tumult

January 7, 2016

Market volatility in China and a relentless slide in oil prices unnerved investors today, already jittery after a shaky start to the year. On Twitter, commentators returned to the hashtag #ChinaMeltdown:

Twitter Collection: Alabama chief justice orders halt to same-sex marriage licenses

January 6, 2016

Twitter reacts as the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court orders the state’s judges not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples:

Twitter Collection: Could it be the end of 140 characters?

January 6, 2016

In a screenshot of a longer essay, Jack Dorsey told audiences on Twitter that the platform is building a new feature that will allow users to post tweets as long as 10,000 characters. These were some of the tweets in response:

Twitter Collection: North Korea’s H-bomb claim

January 6, 2016

When North Korea claimed that it tested a hydrogen nuclear bomb, it prompted skepticism from experts – and prompted a Star Wars parody, calls for basketball star Dennis Rodman’s advice, and glowing Google Maps reviews of the nuclear test center from Twitter: