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Starbucks tax spat goes Europe-wide

November 2, 2012

Starbucks faces fresh questions over its avoidance of tax in Europe, but Reuters correspondent Tom Bergin says politicians have only themselves to blame if they leave loopholes for companies to exploit. Tom Bergin’s story on Starbucks can be read here.

APPL trumps AMZN on potential growth

October 26, 2012

Reuters Breakingviews Rob Cyran says being an Amazon investor requires way more faith than buying into Apple.

Big pharma gets creative as price pressures mount

October 24, 2012

Austerity budgets and competition from cheap generics are forcing big drugmakers to get creative about pricing – and that’s making an already fragmented European drugs market even more opaque, says Reuters European pharmaceuticals correspondent Ben Hirschler. Ben Hirschler’s full report on big pharma’s pricing tactics can be read here.

Libya one year on: Security still the big worry

October 23, 2012

One year on from the fall of Gaddafi, security is still the top concern for ordinary Libyans, says Reuters correspondent Marie-Louise Gumuchian.  Read the Reuters report on Libya one year after Gaddafi here.