Groupon sees ‘miserable’ revenue numbers

Reuters Right Now
Aug 13, 2012 21:12 UTC

Groupon’s shares were hammered after the close as it reported worse-than-expected revenue figures, according to Reuters Breakingviews Columnist Rob Cyran.

New Barclays boss right man for CEO headhunt – Breakingviews

Aug 10, 2012 10:23 UTC

New Barclays chairman David Walker is the right man to find a new CEO for the bank, but top staff should brace for a tough line on pay, says Breakingviews European Banking Columnist George Hay.

StanChart vs regulators: A big gulf to bridge

Aug 9, 2012 12:59 UTC

Standard Chartered and New York regulators are miles apart on their estimates of any sanctions-busting Iran transactions and that’s likely to prove a key sticking point as the dispute progresses, says Reuters EMEA banking correspondent Steve Slater.

Summer blockbusters drive Disney results

Reuters Right Now
Aug 7, 2012 21:08 UTC

Disney’s better-than-expected results owed a lot of its magic to what happened at its studios according to Reuters Correspondent Lisa Richwine.

Decision time for Glencore on Xstrata

Aug 7, 2012 10:49 UTC

Xstrata’s better-than-expected earnings may tempt Glencore to sweeten the terms of its proposed takeover deal, says Breakingviews global resources editor Kevin Allison.

Burden of proof falls on StanChart

Aug 7, 2012 10:12 UTC

Standard Chartered strongly rejects allegations by New York regulators that it is a “rogue institution” guilty of sanctions-busting transactions with Iran. But in the current climate it’s down to the bank to prove its innocence, says Breakingviews assistant editor Peter Thal Larsen.

Felsenthal: July jobs report a mixed blessing for Obama

Reuters Right Now
Aug 3, 2012 14:59 UTC

Reuters economics reporter Mark Felsenthal says July’s gain of. 163,000 jobs, while helpful, could be a double-edged sword for President Obama.



Saft Says: Good U.S. jobs report muddles ECB plans

Reuters Right Now
Aug 3, 2012 14:14 UTC

Reuters Columnist James Saft says the good U.S. jobs report actually slows ECB action on economy. Saft adds, U.S. is not on brink of recession but jobs market is healing really slowly.

Saft Says: Fed sits on hands, pressure now on ECB action

Reuters Right Now
Aug 1, 2012 19:39 UTC

Reuters Columnist James Saft says he thought the Fed had released an old FOMC statement when he read the latest release today. The Fed did nothing he notes, which means the ECB will be under pressure.

Fed opts for “steady as she goes,” disappointing investors

Reuters Right Now
Aug 1, 2012 18:53 UTC

Reuters Correspondent Pedro Da Costa analyzes the FOMC announcement and its implications for the U.S. economy.

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