Jamie Dimon’s burden of proof

Reuters Right Now
Jul 19, 2012 20:51 UTC

Rep. Barney Frank has a suggestion for Jamie Dimon — prove that he shouldn’t have money clawed back after JPMorgan’s fat trading loss.

The iPhone redefines the economy

Reuters Right Now
Jun 29, 2012 17:06 UTC

Five years ago this week the global economy was humming along, investment bankers swore by their Blackberries and apps meant all-you-can-eat potato skins at TGI Friday’s.

Then Apple rolled out the iPhone.

It didn’t much help the TGI Friday’s menu but the phone did put Apple on the path to grow from a $94 billion company to a $532 billion behemoth and cemented Steve Jobs’ place in the pantheon of tech genius. And today, our video celebrates the staggering numbers of the iPhone universe — unfortunately set to music from a 1970s cop show.

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