LEGACY Reuters Summits

Metal prices in the stratosphere

May 16, 2006

Ingersoll-Rand CEO Herb Henkel, speaking at the Reuters Manufacturing Summit, talked about being bowled over by soaring metals prices. “For copper, I didn’t think I was going to live long enough to see something going up by these kind of numbers,” he said.

“The biggest growth market for golf carts? China.”

May 16, 2006


Ingersoll-Rand CEO Herb Henkel says that the development of new golf courses in the U.S. has tapered off in recent years, but that in China, golf is a booming business. Ingersoll-Rand is one of the top makers of golf carts in the world. The comments were made at the Reuters Manufacturing Summit in New York this week.

NYSE CEO looks at ringing the bell earlier

May 9, 2006

New York Stock Exchange CEO John Thain says he doesn’t think opening a market at 9:30 in the morning is catering to 21st Century hours, and that he plans to look at opening the NYSE earlier.

The oldest U.S. securities market looks to close its options floor

May 9, 2006

The Philadelphia Stock Exchange’s Chief Executive Sandy Frucher said on Tuesday he expects the exchange’s options floor to close within the next couple of years as electronic trading takes over.

Would you rather be Pac-Man or the dot?

May 9, 2006

sandy.jpgPhiladelphia Stock Exchange’s Chief Executive Sandy Frucher on Tuedsay commented on pursuing two tracks — looking at mergers, and looking at an IPO. “I think everybody prefers to be Pac-Man rather than the dot, but the reality is there is usually only one Pac-Man and a whole lot of dots.”