Mel says lost Sirius/XM channels worth every penny – to bottom line

If you're an old Sirius or former XM subscriber who lost one or more of your favorite channels after the two satellite radio companies merged earlier this year, CEO Mel Karmazin has a message for you: Tough luck, it's for the greater good.

Karmazin told reporters at the Reuters Media Summit in New York that the two companies had taken the best of breed in each music channel genre from either Sirius or XM as part of a $400 million cost saving drive.

"We're going to pick the best channels," said Karmazin. "We've gotten hundreds of people who hated it and claimed they were going to cancel. So we've analyzed all the cancellations since the rationalization...It's hard for me to understand what they don't like."

"If we took the most aggressive number of people who cancelled and we take that (away) the $120 a year (they pay) it doesn't get to a $1 million as compared to the significant amount of cost savings as a company that needs to make money," said Karmazin.

Our colleague Franklin Paul said he was upset with the loss of his favorite classic hip-hop channel, The Rhyme. So Karmazin made his best pitch to an old school B-boy.

"We have other hip hop channels," coaxed Karmazin.

"You as a subscriber, though you may miss your channel, you need to make sure we make money because you want us to be around so we can invest in programming and we can provide you with all these services," said Karmazin.

In other words, deal with it.

(Photo: Reuters)