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Washington, D.C. – from monuments to meetings

February 25, 2015

Miguel McKelvey. REUTERS/Handout

It’s not all politics and no play in Washington, D.C. For business travelers like WeWork cofounder Miguel McKelvey, the nation’s capital has plenty to offer the professional-on-the-go. McKelvey frequently makes the train trip from New York City to D.C. to visit the company’s two locations, both of which opened in 2014. WeWork provides creative office and meeting spaces for professionals to collaborate, but that doesn’t stop McKelvey from venturing out to make the most of a fortnight among the nation’s forefathers.

A New York agenda with Hootsuite’s night owl

February 25, 2015

Ryan Holmes. REUTERS/Handout

Ryan Holmes, chief executive officer of Hootsuite, may have grown up on a farm without electricity, but this 40-year-old Canadian went on to found a social media management tool with over 11 million users.

Investors prepare for more volatility in 2012

December 15, 2011

Whether or not Europe resolves its banking crisis, the United States its deficit or China its cooling economy, U.S. investors should be prepared for more volatility in 2012.

from Felix Salmon:

How volatility hits pension plans

November 11, 2011

Nanea Kalani of Honolulu Civil Beat has obtained non-public performance numbers for the Hawaii Employees' Retirement System, and they're not pretty at all: in the three months to September 30, the fund managed to lose $1.4 billion, or 11.2% of its value.

One man’s retirement crusade to help Detroit and baby boomers

November 3, 2011

Randal Charlton (REUTERS/handout)Randal Charlton has had a long, colorful career with plenty of ups and downs. In his 71 years, he’s done everything from tending dairy cows for a Saudi sheik to starting a jazz club in Florida. And as a lifelong entrepreneur, he has bought and sold 14 different companies.

from Felix Salmon:

Why the big banks aren’t sweating Bank Transfer Day

November 1, 2011

It's Bank Transfer Day on Saturday, and some unknown number of people are going to transfer their money from their too-big-to-fail bank to a friendly local community bank or credit union. Good for them! Unfortunately, Bank Transfer Day is happening the week that MF Global declared bankruptcy, with the possible loss of some $700 million in client funds. And the net effect of the two is almost certainly going to be money flowing in to TBTF banks, rather than out of them.

Zap zombie funds within your portfolio

November 1, 2011

zombie index fundsDo you have zombie index funds within your portfolio?

Instead of eating up your brains, they devour your nest egg with high expenses and walking dead performance. They may be lurking within your 401(k)-type plan or individual retirement account.

Jobless rate for older workers is lower, not better

October 28, 2011

Rick Lopatin has been looking for work for three years. The 56-year-old is the former chief financial officer of a middle-market pharmaceutical company in the Chicago area; ever since a merger and his subsequent job loss in 2008, he’s been job-hunting and networking intensively, and he’s landed  several interim CFO engagements – including one at a medical devices company on Long Island.

Medicare Part B premium hike will be smaller than expected

October 27, 2011

Seniors caught a break Thursday when the Obama Administration announced that Medicare Part B premiums won’t rise as much as expected in 2012.

Tax deductions are popular, but penalties may work better

October 27, 2011

The National Zoo's baby panda Tai Shan munches on a carrot in the Giant Panda Habitat of the new Asia Trail area at the zoo in Washington October 11, 2006. REUTERS/Molly RileyWhen making tax policy, there’s a choice between carrots or sticks: Does the government give taxpayers credits or deductions for doing the right thing (buying their homes, giving money to charity, not emitting greenhouse cases) or penalize them for doing the wrong thing?