Japan disaster: How you can help

March 11, 2011

People watch the aftermath of tsunami waves after an earthquake at the Kessennuma port, Miyagi Prefecture, March 11, 2011.  REUTERS/YOMIURIRelief organizations are scrambling to provide aid to victims of Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami. If you know of any relief efforts, please let us know, and we will update this list.

American Red Cross: The American Red Cross is collecting text donations, according to Renee Kelly, an American Red Cross spokeswoman. To contribute, send a text with REDCROSS to 90999 and $10 will be donated to the relief efforts. (A similar initiative was hugely successful after the Haiti earthquake, raising more than $32 million.)

Shelterbox: Author Maureen Johnson has launched an online fundraiser for Shelterbox, collecting money for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan. Johnson led a similar fundraiser for earthquake victims in New Zealand, raising more than $15,000. According to the organization’s website, Shelterbox is an organization that goes into areas of the world affected by disaster with large green boxes that contain shelters and the materials needed for people to restart their lives on some level. The boxes always include a top-quality tent, and they usually include stoves, blankets, water purification systems, and tools. This is true, life-saving stuff, hand-delivered by volunteers trained in survival techniques.

Save the Children: Save the Children says it is mobilizing global resources to respond to the needs of children and families affected by the earthquake and its aftermath. The organization’s website reports that an international emergency team has been dispatched to assist staff in Japan.

The humanitarian agency, which is based on Westport, Connecticut, says it has been operating in Japan for 25 years along with other Pacific nations impacted by tsunamis. Donors may make charitable contributions to the group’s Children’s Emergency Fund.

GlobalGiving: This Washington, D.C.-based group has launched the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. According to the organization’s website, it will disburse donations to groups providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. GlobalGiving is working with International Medical Corps, Save the Children, and other organizations.

Update: By 1 a.m. EDT on March 13, the group had collected more than $300,000.

Convoy of Hope: Convoy of Hope, a global relief organization based in Washington, D.C., is accepting online donations. You can also text TSUNAMI to 50555 to donate $10 to the group’s disaster response efforts. According to the organization’s website, the Disaster Response team “has established connection with in-country partners in Japan who have been impacted by the damage and are identifying the needs and areas where Convoy of Hope may be of the greatest assistance.”

Salvation Army: The Salvation Army, which has had a presence in Japan since 1895, says it is mobilizing relief efforts in response the earthquake. According to a spokeswoman, the Salvation Army in Tokyo is sending an assessment team to the city of Sendai to assess damage and will begin providing basic necessities, such as food and water, beginning as soon as March 12.

You can get more information on the organization’s website, Facebook page and on Twitter. Donations are being accepted by texting JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888 to make a $10 donation to the group’s relief efforts.

Give2Asia: The Give2Asia Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund is raising funds to support immediate relief and short-term to long-term recovery projects undertaken by the affected communities. The organization said in an email that it is working with local advisors based in Tokyo to assess the current situation and to obtain more information on the needs of survivors.

Donations to the fund can be made online. For more information, contact info@give2asia.org.

International Medical Corps: International Medical Corps is mobilizing relief teams and supplies to respond to the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. “We are communicating with local partners in Japan on the most pressing needs,” says Crystal A. Wells, a communications officer at the Santa Monica, California-based group. “We will be responding to needs on the ground, which may include sending supplies to local partners and/or deploying emergency response teams.”

People can help in the relief effort by visiting the organization’s website or texting MED to 80888 to donate $10.

Socks for Japan: American author Jason Kelly, who lives in Sano, Japan, is collecting socks for earthquake victims. He writes:

“All human beings are comforted by a fresh, clean pair of socks. Other advantages socks offer this operation: their sizes are easy, they don’t break, people need lots of them in disastrous times without running water, people can keep them forever and remember that somebody from far away cared. Please do not send any other items of clothing, food, etc. Just socks, but go ahead and choose nice ones that will brighten somebody’s day.”

Kelly has very specific guidelines for sock donations,  such as putting socks of one type in a single package. He is also asking donors to include a care letter.

U.S. Fund for UNICEF: The organization is raising funds to help children in Japan impacted by the recent earthquake and tsunami. These may include health, development, protection and other needs that may have been compromised or disrupted in the wake of the catastrophe.  To donate, text JAPAN to 864233 to donate $10 or visit http://www.unicefusa.org.

AmeriCares: AmeriCares, a nonprofit global health and disaster relief organization that delivers medical assistance, is on the ground in Japan assessing the health and medical needs of survivors, says spokeswoman Courtney Ellison. Since its founding in 1982, AmeriCares has distributed more than $10 billion in aid to 147 countries. To make a donation, go to www.AmeriCares.org or call 1-800-486-HELP.


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Is the Canadian RedCross on board as well?

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We at DomainCarts.com are a domain name and web hosting company adn we want to help, we’ll donate $1dollar per each sale made until March 31st using the following sales link to our website: http://peewe.it/br

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Thanks for this list. Do you know if any of these orgs need volunteers?

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Disaster in Japan is beyond comprehension. Our most sympathetic tribute to the departed souls. Hats off to the government for quick action and mental strength of her people in cool retreat from the earth quake and Tsunami locations immediately after warnings. That has saved several thousand lives. Indian government and government of state like Gujarat has extended offer to help in every way.
Reaching the normal life will have to be top most priority of both government and industry. Rehabilitation of the industry is going to be a mammoth and daunting task after the debries are cleared. Japan should consider to establish overseas manufacturing centres away from the earth quake region, which it would not have done in normal circumstances. Cordial relations with India should enable Japanese industry leaders and government to consider technologically advanced country like India. With necessary expertise and lower labour cost of production in india, a Democracy, it is more congenial environment for win win situation.
Best Wishes.
Sharad C. Kapadia

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The following page – Google Crisis Response (Japanese site) – has the donation access directly for Japanese Redcross Society.

http://www.google.co.jp/intl/en/crisisre sponse/japanquake2011.html

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There’s a website named Hope Letters, a volunteer initiative that was created in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan. The concept is to allow a platform for people from around the world to communicate, in Japanese, their words of hope and encouragement to the people affected by this terrible disaster.

First, you direct your message to students in the disaster area, or to the country’s emergency workers. Then your message is translated by a native Japanese speaker and delivered to schools, evacuation centres, and city halls throughout Japan.


According to David Chan, the site’s creator, the site is receiving over 1,200 visitors and 100 letters per day. Message distribution has already begun in earnest; this website is making a difference.

The importance of the state of mind of those who are struggling to cope with this disaster cannot be overstated. This is a worthy cause that can hopefully bring a much-needed smile to the faces of a lot of people.

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[…] 面对惨遭重创的日本,伸出我 的援助之手!此时此刻,在 提笔之时,我依然不敢相信也 难以想象我在电视画面上所看 的一切,我的心在痛,为发 在日本的重大灾难,及那些在 灾难中哀哭的死伤者。不忍卒 ,唯有虔心为他们祈祷,为 些逝去的灵魂及瞬间失去亲人 和家园的伤者祈祷。我为扑克 同仁们的善举以及接下来所 做的一切而骄傲。我知道许多 扑克手已经奉献出自己的金钱 时间,我希望我们能够为发 在日本及世界各地的灾难提供 我们力所能及的帮助。下面我 大家列举出一些链接,供大 参考,在这里你可以找到你所 能提供帮助的方式和渠道,请 住,莫以善小而不为。你所 的一切,无论是金钱还是时间 ,任何形式的帮助,都意味着 为灾区民众送上最真诚的祝 。非常谢谢!你可以发送短信 的方式,发送“REDCROSS”至90999 来奉献10美金给红十字会用于 本。如果你在寻找或者有任何 日本灾区中失踪人员的信息, 用谷歌人物搜寻,网址为:ht tp://japan.person-finder.appspot.com/?la ng=en在http://blogs.reuters.com/prism-m oney/2011/03/11/japan-disaster-how-you-c an-help/中有非常棒的博客列举 多种国际救助组织的信息。 […]

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[…] lament the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the 1986 Chernobyl disaster; recent events in Japan make Kushner’s vision seem not merely ambitious, but damn near psychic.As a crazy young theater […]

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Ukraine pray for Japan((

very nice song!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL_gBqs1U ms

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[…] concern, is just as critical as the initial emergency relief efforts. So, whether you choose to  get involved  as a donor or simply bear witness, remember to look beyond the obvious crisis, such as ruined […]

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