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The word “entitlement” originally meant that someone deserves something. In the case of Social Security and Medicare, we the taxpayers are “entitled” just like we are entitled to receive insurance benefits for which we have paid premium.

The problems lies in another way of thinking: “The world owes me”. I believe that in “Fiddlers on the Roof”, a formerly rich man was telling a beggar why he can no longer give as much, and the beggar in turn asked: “What does your not having money have to do with your not giving me some money?” To the beggar, he thinks he is “entitled” to receive this hand-out from this formerly rich person.

Therefore there is this confusion of the 1st form of “entitlement” where one deserves getting something for which he had paid for, with the 2nd form of “entitlement” where the recipient thinks “the world owes me, I am entitled”.

The 1st form of Social Security and Medicare is a BINDING CONTRACT between the government and the taxpayers. The government is not legally entitled to renege on it. The government however, should manage it better. Social security can be put on the same footing as e.g. an university endowment, where for instance, 4% of three-year rolling principle would be paid out each year. And Medicare payout can be similarly treated. The problem with Medicare is that health care science keeps on improving and the dying can be kept alive for longer and longer period at an infinitely increasing cost. Perhaps having Medicare copy insurance companies with a life-time cap can partially solve this problem. Then there is fraud. Huge fraud. And the crooks get away with it with often just a slap on the hands. Perhaps the amount stolen can be used to determine the length of incarceration … with the incarcerated working while in jail to partially repay the loss with remainder to feed himself… and let them starve if they do not work hard enough. The taxpayers have no obligation to support these crooks in Club Fed. The crooks can be finally allowed to leave prison only AFTER they have fully paid back what they had stolen.

Finally let us take a page from the French cultural institute, and let our arbiter of information, the reporters, use words with correct and unambiguous meanings. First perhaps we can use “Government Insurance Benefits – GIB” to describe Social Security and Medicare benefits. Then perhaps we can use “Government charity” to describe welfare. If we get use to using the proper words to describe the proper events, then this mix up with words such as “entitlement” would no longer exist.

Once we learn to describe situations and things with the proper words, we can learn to think clearer. When we, the voters think clearer, we can perhaps elect more deserving candidates. Then perhaps we will get the government that we all want and would then eventually deserve.

Dr. Ying – The Dr. is Ying :-)

By: txgadfly Sat, 27 Aug 2011 15:34:05 +0000 Well, all private property in the USA is an entitlement. It is yours because the Government says it is yours. If they want to take 15% of the Social Security and Medicare entitlements, let them confiscate 15% of the real estate, stocks, bonds and private pensions in the country too. They are all entitlements, and we all know the USA cannot “afford” entitlements.

Time for a new Constitution people. Read our current Constitution — the founders knew it could be corrupted. Time to start over.

By: David123456789 Sat, 27 Aug 2011 12:15:21 +0000 It is not an entitlement because I paid for it. I am still working and paying for it and drawing social security. The republicans and their billionaire friends want to create a serfdom royalty society with them at the top of the heap. The District of Columbia is their Kingdom and they want to make us their serfs.