Comments on: How to protect your computer from supercookies Fri, 05 Dec 2014 11:27:18 +0000 hourly 1 By: Apollo702 Tue, 04 Oct 2011 06:38:56 +0000 Unfortunately the well meaning author got many basics wrong. The only known true way to avoid super Flash cookies is to run the Add-ons “Better Privacy” and “Ghostery.” Deleting all cookies and your cache are also both only partially correct and ineffective. The only real solution to managing conventional cookies is to run “Cookie Whitelist With Buttons.” This app blocks ALL conventional cookies until the user green lights them. This way the user can log into trusted sites and block all other cookies. The conventional system allows all cookies- good, bad and lots of clutter, allows them to build up to system clogging levels, the users then only delete them on a whim and delete the good with the bad…

Turning off Flash is a partial solution( and there are apps to manage Flash as well) and another benefit to toggling Flash is it is one of the leading causes of browser crashes.

Noscript is perhaps the single best security add-on EVER!- but it has next to nothing to do with blocking Flash cookies.

Privacy mode on all browsers is oversold and irrelevant. Privacy mode( aka porn mode) only PARTIALLY hides browsing tracks on the user’s computer itself- and the browsing tracks are easily found out by others- outsiders or any savvy user can easily find the results.

I run one of the leading web app collections that puts all of these concepts together and it is 100% free. You can get it here:

Please note that the only browser truly capable of complete privacy and security is Firefox 3.6- NO other browser comes even close- including the newer versions of Firefox. Firefox 4,5,6…. cannot run more than a few add-ons without having a meltdown and therefore are completely unsafe. All other browsers only pay lip-service to add-ons and really are nothing more than ad-delivery devices and are designed to inhibit- not enhance privacy.
Most browsers these days also include features such as advertising opt-outs which are only marginally effective. Despite their maker’s claims of privacy ALL browsers without massive modifications leave users totally to the wolves. Firefox is the only browser based upon an open sourced model making it the only browser with an effective selection of add-ons. With all other browsers being proprietary their add-on catalogs will remain miniscule and pathetically small.
You can get the good (currently 3.6.23) version of Firefox here: After downloading and installing FF it is critical to go to tools, options, advanced, update and “Ask me what I want to do.” NEVER allow any program to automatically update without your permission and refuse all updates of Firefox beyond the 3.6 series as all versions of 4,5,6… are built on badly flawed platforms that render security impossible. They badly attempt to mimic Google’s Chrome browser by achieving raw speed by making security and running add-ons virtually impossible.