Comments on: What the Occupy Wall Street crowd should be saying Fri, 05 Dec 2014 11:27:18 +0000 hourly 1 By: PerseusWong Fri, 22 Jun 2012 23:12:26 +0000 “Demand that Congress pass a stimulus plan to create infrastructure, education, research and clean energy jobs instead of investing in two wars that three-quarters of the American electorate thinks are senseless…”

This kind of naive ‘Bureaucrats Can Tax, Borrow and Print Fiat Money’ out of our problem and No-One-Is-Responsible mentality is just typical of writers like Wasik who don’t understand and respect what it takes to produce real capital nor can they account for the constant Stimulus that Federal, State and municipalities have ALREADY been engaging for the last ten years.

It’s an incorrect to say our military misadventures are hogging the federal gov’ts vast revenues when 81% of our present budget is already spent on domestic programs.

The only stimulus that will turn our economy around is when these educated ‘occupiers’ stimulate their own ambition and imagination. The Pakistani guy who operates the food truck around my corner didn’t rely on Congressional Stimulus, get an expensive education or useless degree, or demand that someone give him a job; he gave himself a job.

By: JimCap Thu, 13 Oct 2011 18:16:36 +0000 Excellent points, John! I agree with all of them. And they’ll all help considerably if they’re ever enacted.

However, the protests do have INHERENT value as well. For instance, they’ve created a worldwide dialogue; haven’t they?

Things often start, essentially, as street art, and they build from there. One person does interpretive dance as a way of attracting notice, another drills down on potential legislative remedies, another builds a good website, another provides a superb set of soundbites for the cameras, another just holds a sign and chants, another works from the inside, helping to shift the thinking within…”a thousand points of light”. Let them all beam. Together, this is where a difference will be made. A better world is coming.

By: EndTheFED11 Tue, 11 Oct 2011 21:24:25 +0000 The banks can’t give loans at the same rate as they receive the money from the Fed because they have to account for both the cost of inflation and risk of non-repayment. Although the irony is that they are creating inflation by creating the money out of thin air for the loan they are making.

The government backed student loans which caused huge inflated prices in education, giving students massive future obligations. I agree students should get the option of having their debt should be reduced or allow students to declare a special type of bankruptcy. However this should be on the condition that the federal govt. stops backing student loans, which would cause tuition prices to drop like a rock overnight. Students could then afford college on their own with some parental help and maybe a part time job.

What the protesters really should be asking for, and some of them are, is to abolish the Federal Reserve, end our overseas empire and follow the Constitution. Allow safety nets, but do it at the local or state level.

By: Robertla Tue, 11 Oct 2011 16:26:45 +0000 “Over the past 20 years, thanks in part to the
end of the Cold War and in part to new communications
technologies that fostered an integrated global supply
chain, nearly three billion workers from China, India, the
former Socialist economies in Eastern Europe, and other
emerging markets have steadily been joining the global free
market labor force.”

“For in many
economies, including the United States and the large
producer-oriented Asian economies, productivity growth for
the last decade or more increased more rapidly than wages,
resulting in a loss of overall consumer purchasing power
relative to supply.”

“The difference [between asset bubbles] is the inability of the United States this time
to channel the supply of excess capital that generated
ephemeral bubble-era growth into real growth in common
incomes and, ultimately, wealth.”

The Way Forward
Moving From the Post-Bubble, Post-Bust Economy to Renewed
Growth and Competitiveness

By: Robertla Tue, 11 Oct 2011 15:42:33 +0000 here is good info on the way forward

By: zotdoc Tue, 11 Oct 2011 15:39:04 +0000 I wish someone would look into who is feeding all these folks, I don’t have enough money to quit my job and take a month to protest against a faceless “wall street” and “big banks”.

By: pmpcmall Tue, 11 Oct 2011 15:27:07 +0000 RE:To the man pictured…go get a job and you might have more dollar bills to tape to yourself..

When we win you’ll have more $$$$ in your pocket! Join us. Right now you’re getting screwed, paying more in taxes than 82 of the 500 richest companies in the world. Effectively defunding social services we all count on to make society more livable.

By: pmpcmall Tue, 11 Oct 2011 15:24:05 +0000 You columnist are point of the 99%. Join the movement!

By: SanPa Tue, 11 Oct 2011 15:07:42 +0000 The protestors are occupying the wrong street. They should be marching at Washington’s K Street.

By: Flaguy123 Tue, 11 Oct 2011 14:43:40 +0000 Go to law school, become a BK attorney, discharge your tuition, then make millions upon millions churning out BKs by the truck load. Shocking this is what passes as journalism. If you allowed people to file BK for student loans the system would collapse and only those with cash would be able to get a degree. Private lenders can no longer offer student loans per Obama. Talk about a stupid idea.