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Funeral planning: How to avoid paying beyond the grave

August 29, 2011

No one likes to think about the time when they will shuffle off this mortal coil. That’s why getting our parents or even our selves to do estate planning can be such a monstrous task. If you think that’s a hard sell, imagine thinking about paying for your own funeral — before you die.

Behind the Oceanstone Fund’s long run as a Lipper Leader

August 29, 2011

When an equity mutual fund receives Lipper’s highest rating of five for consistently superior, risk-adjusted three-year performance — along with other funds in the top 20 percent of its category—it may catch your attention.

Hurricane investing: You don’t need a weathervane …

August 26, 2011

Maybe you’ve already got your lawn furniture stashed in the garage, your water jugs filled and your important papers protected. But have you gotten your investment portfolio ready for Hurricane Irene, currently threatening all the East Coast hot spots?

Why 401(k) plans will fall short for most Americans

August 26, 2011

It’s time to end the fraudulent notion that 401(k)-type plans are adequate retirement vehicles for most Americans.

Shopping for health insurance? 5 tips on how to get it right

August 26, 2011

When Ronna Wisbrod, a real estate broker and personal organizer, returned to the Chicago area last year, she needed to figure out new health insurance. Now 57, she knew she had to have insurance, but as she set up her own business, Organization by Ronna, she also wanted to keep costs down.

Earthquakes, hurricanes and smart insurance moves

August 26, 2011

What a week: An earthquake gave the East Coast a jolt and now a hurricane is bearing down.

Why entitlement is not a four-letter word

August 25, 2011

“It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words,” wrote George Orwell in 1984. And so it is with a mangled word that is central to the 2012 presidential race and the work of the Congressional deficit-cutting Super Committee: entitlement.

Investing and your brain: Why we hit the panic button

August 25, 2011

Weathering the storm has lost popularity points with investors in the latest round of market volatility, prompting some to wonder if panic and irrationality are the name of the new game.

Automation can save you from overdraft and late fees

August 24, 2011

When launched in 2007, it was one of several Web-based attempts to get people to look at all their financial accounts in one place. For budgeting and planning that kind of overview is essential, and people flocked to sign up.

Families taking bottom-line approach to college: Sallie Mae

August 23, 2011

You’d have no reason to think that Terry and Laura Truax of Chicago are in any way atypical college parents. Their son Sumner, 22, attends Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, where he’s double majoring in saxophone performance and music education.