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Will retailers give debit cards a new life?

October 13, 2011

A sign for wine supplied by John Ulzheimer. REUTERS/handoutAs an expert on the credit industry, John Ulzheimer spends his days thinking about credit cards, debit cards and credit scores. So imagine his surprise when he picked up lunch at a restaurant near his house in Atlanta, then later went on a beer run, and was directly confronted with the consumer fallout from the hot-button issue of the day in his profession: new fees for debit card purchases imposed by government regulations.

Medicare will cut Social Security’s “raise” in 2012

October 12, 2011

A girl tries to climb a snow-packed wall in a labyrinth at the Sapporo Snow Festival in Sapporo in northern Japan February 5, 2008.  REUTERS/Yuriko Nakao (JAPAN)After two years without an inflation adjustment, the Social Security Administration is expected to announce a 2012 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) of more than 3 percent next week. That would be a sizable raise in this economy, and very welcome news to seniors hit hard by rising costs, slumping home equity and very low returns on fixed-income investments.

Online privacy leaks worsen; “Do not track” gains steam

October 11, 2011

People use computers at an Internet cafe in Changzhi, north China's Shanxi province June 20, 2007. REUTERS/StringerAre you being tracked right now? If you thought you were just browsing aimlessly, doing a little shopping or checking sports scores without identifying yourself, you could be mistaken about your level of privacy.

5 ways to make a bond ladder work for you

October 11, 2011 mention of bond laddering often makes one think of retirees sitting on the sidelines of the market, buying individual bonds with staggered maturities to goose up their yields, but lately it’s not such a doddering strategy.

Steve Jobs and giving anonymously

October 10, 2011

For all that he achieved in his life in terms of his public image, Steve Jobs was famously not a public philanthropist, unlike his equally titanic tech rival, Microsoft’s former head Bill Gates.

What the Occupy Wall Street crowd should be saying

October 10, 2011

A demonstrator from the Occupy Wall Street campaign stands with a dollar taped over his mouth as he stands in Zucotti Park near the financial district of New York September 30, 2011. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson Are the thousands who have taken to the streets in the “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) protests a bunch of anarchistic slackers or do they have a point?

State colleges are a bargain-hunter’s best higher-education dream

October 10, 2011

Political science major Paul Fabsik wears a price tag hanging from his mortarboard estimating the cost of his education, May 24 during commencement ceremonies at Boston College in Newton, Masachusetts.  When it came time for Cassidy Rumble Meyer to choose a college, she had a range of options thanks to great SAT scores, a solid grade point average and a stellar volunteer resume.

Is pet insurance worth it?

October 7, 2011

lola REUTERS/handoutGiovanna Dimperio’s dog Lola, a pit bull mix, has a knack for getting hurt. Her first big problem — eating part of a Frisbee — resulted in surgery. The $1,000 bill prompted Dimperio to look into pet insurance. More than two years after signing up for the $25 a month premiums, she says it paid off.

How to claim unclaimed money without getting scammed

October 7, 2011

Nearly $33 billion in 117 million accounts. That is how much money is currently held by state treasurers and other agencies and awaiting someone to claim it, according to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA).

Is the U.S. economy heading for a double-dip recession?

October 5, 2011

An ethnic Albanian child holds an ice cream cone during some traditional games in the village of Belobrad, June 15, 2007. REUTERS/Hazir Reka Is the U.S. economy heading for another recession?

Two investment strategists who spoke to a group of Thomson Reuters brokerage clients at a conference in Phoenix on Tuesday say the chances are slim. Despite the bear market blues, David Joy, chief market strategist at Ameriprise, says a double dip recession is unlikely. The U.S. is destined to be in two percent growth environment for the foreseeable future — “or 2.5 percent, if we are lucky,” Joy says.