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Want to put your kid on road to Millionaire Row by 21? Here’s how

September 23, 2011

While some youngsters long to become rock stars or Hollywood heavyweights, others now gravitate towards another stripe of pop-cultural celebrity: the whiz kid who becomes a millionaire before age 21.

Should rich people pay more for Medicare?

September 22, 2011

Should affluent seniors pay more for Medicare than everyone else? How about Social Security? Should we cut benefits for wealthy Americans?

Married or single? Who has the advantage in retirement planning?

September 22, 2011

“I told you so.”

Those are the four words no spouse wants to hear from their partner, especially when it comes to investing and retirement planning.

Investment policy statements: A roadmap for volatile markets

September 22, 2011

With the markets still gyrating like a yo-yo, most investment advisers have likely been barraged with questions from their clients. But investors tend to make the worst decisions when confronted with chaos.

Rich kids pushed to pay bigger share for college

September 22, 2011

Bad news for the coddled college masses who are waiting for a check from mommy and daddy: You might have to get a job. Your parents may not be willing or able to keep paying all those skyrocketing school bills.

The rich respond to Obama’s “Buffett Rule”

September 21, 2011

Once the debt ceiling rancor faded, financial gurus and observers had little reason to think debate on taxing the wealthy would ignite again before Nov. 23. That’s when the 12-member congressional super committee issues its recommendations on finding at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction.

New credit score tool offers insight into getting the best credit card

September 21, 2011

There’s a certain mystery about applying for a credit card: Is your credit score good enough for the best card and rate? Just how much credit might you get  if you are approved? What does everyone else get?

Spending less could make recession a “self-fulfilling prophecy”: Analysts

September 20, 2011

Mark and Kathy Swezy of Englewood, Colorado embody what many Americans would call a rock-solid work ethic. Mark is a full-time purchasing manager at JoaQuin Manufacturing, while Kathy splits her time between her own graphic design business and a job at Nosh Nest, a high-end cookware and food shop in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Why household debt reduction could jumpstart economy

September 19, 2011

If we could move beyond the housing crisis, where would we find the seeds of a broad-based turnaround?

Perry’s monstrous lies about Social Security

September 16, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry, the GOP presidential candidate who calls Social Security a “monstrous lie” and a “Ponzi scheme” has implied that future retirees can’t rely upon receiving benefits from the system.