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Zap zombie funds within your portfolio

November 1, 2011

zombie index fundsDo you have zombie index funds within your portfolio?

Instead of eating up your brains, they devour your nest egg with high expenses and walking dead performance. They may be lurking within your 401(k)-type plan or individual retirement account.

5 ways to make a bond ladder work for you

October 11, 2011 mention of bond laddering often makes one think of retirees sitting on the sidelines of the market, buying individual bonds with staggered maturities to goose up their yields, but lately it’s not such a doddering strategy.

Searching for yield? Think savings bonds

September 26, 2011

Yields on certificates of deposit, Treasury bonds, and other interest-bearing securities have gotten so low that a mundane investment usually associated with birthdays and bar mitzvahs looks enticing by comparison.

4 ways to hedge the market without playing whack-a-mole

August 10, 2011

Is the recent market upheaval the growling of a new, prolonged bear market or a tempest in a teapot?

Fund managers see tough times for Treasuries

August 5, 2011

A man walks in a building in Tokyo January 28, 2010. REUTERS/Toru Hanai The fact that U.S. Treasury bonds managed to cling to their coveted triple-A rating this week failed to impress several prominent bond fund managers, who say they are lightening up on Treasuries and stocking their portfolios with corporate bonds instead.

6 ways to protect your portfolio after debt deal

August 2, 2011

With the U.S. debt ceiling crisis: It “ain’t over ‘til it’s over,” to quote my favorite philosopher Yogi Berra. And this one is definitely not over by a long shot.

Investing: A little inflation isn’t such a bad thing

June 28, 2011

We’re in a three-headed hydra economy now. There’s the threat of burgeoning inflation, joblessness and a rotten housing market.

Scary and scarier: rising prices and rising rates

April 12, 2011

Data expected out of Washington this week may raise anxiety levels of investors and consumers who are already worried about inflation and rising interest rates.A gasoline pump is seen hanging at a petrol station in central Seoul April 6, 2011. REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won

PIMCO: The stockpicking powerhouse?

March 30, 2011

William Gross, Manager of the world's biggest bond fund at Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO) participates in the Obama administration's Conference on the Future of Housing Finance in the Cash Room of the Treasury Building in Washington, August 17, 2010. REUTERS/Jason Reed PIMCO gets plenty of attention for its bond funds. The fund company is best known for PIMCO Total Return, America’s largest mutual fund, with a staggering $237 billion in assets. When manager Bill Gross talks, markets move.

T. Rowe Price: The target-date fund powerhouse

March 24, 2011

Jerome Clark REUTERS/HandoutDriving a team of a dozen horses toward the same destination, when they are tied to one another by a strong harness and responsive to commands, may appear to be easy, but it may not be.