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Occupy colleges? How to shut down student debt

October 14, 2011

Members of the Occupy Wall St movement hold signs aloft while demonstrating. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson One of the more compelling issues to emerge from the Occupy Wall Street movement is subject of crushing student debt.

State colleges are a bargain-hunter’s best higher-education dream

October 10, 2011

Political science major Paul Fabsik wears a price tag hanging from his mortarboard estimating the cost of his education, May 24 during commencement ceremonies at Boston College in Newton, Masachusetts.  When it came time for Cassidy Rumble Meyer to choose a college, she had a range of options thanks to great SAT scores, a solid grade point average and a stellar volunteer resume.

Rich kids pushed to pay bigger share for college

September 22, 2011

Bad news for the coddled college masses who are waiting for a check from mommy and daddy: You might have to get a job. Your parents may not be willing or able to keep paying all those skyrocketing school bills.

Is college worth it?

September 15, 2011

For recent grads like Peter Turchan, college led to some soul-searching about whether the experience was worth the whopping price tag.

Stock market troubles test college parents with fall tuition due

August 30, 2011

At 44, Mark Dinos is smart and successful, the kind of lawyer you want on your side if you’re in an insurance-related legal case. But the Chicago attorney gives himself less-than-high grades for how he prepared financially for his daughter’s college education; she starts at Northwestern University just days from now.

Families taking bottom-line approach to college: Sallie Mae

August 23, 2011

You’d have no reason to think that Terry and Laura Truax of Chicago are in any way atypical college parents. Their son Sumner, 22, attends Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, where he’s double majoring in saxophone performance and music education.

Study up on these 5 ways to save on college textbooks

August 17, 2011

College textbook publishers apparently haven’t heard there’s a recession going on.

What the CFPB should be doing with private education lenders

July 19, 2011

The following is a guest contribution from Mark Kantrowitz, founder and publisher of and The opinions expressed are his own.

Six-figure student loans? Credit medicine for MDs

July 12, 2011

By year’s end, Stephanie Bourque will owe approximately $165,000 in federal student loans. It’s an especially daunting debt load for the first-year University of Colorado pediatric resident whose annual income will likely fall between $40,000 and $50,000 during her three-year residency.

Is the American Dream dead?

June 23, 2011

The American Dream lures people from all over the world, and it’s because of this possibility: If you come here and work hard, your kids will have a better life than you.