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The surprising iPad

April 3, 2010


After all the previews, reviews and hype, by the time UPS delivered my iPad just after noon there seemed little room left for any surprises. Still, there were plenty of unexpected pleasures and unanticipated concerns. Here’s a selection:

The screen is stunning. Colors are breathtakingly beautiful.

The screen is worrying. Your iPhone might survive a naked ride in your pocket or a gentle drop to the floor, but the sheer size of the iPad screen lends it a feeling of fragility. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for reports of breakages take to come in and what impact that will have on undecided customers.

I’m less sure of its uses than I expected to be. I’ll be taking my iPad on the bus to work on Monday, but I’m not convinced it will be as comfortable a read as I’d hoped. Remember how Steve Jobs rested it on his crossed leg at the launch event? You can’t sit like that on my bus.

Netflix is going to get a whole lot more love from its subscribers The Netflix app streams DVD-quality video over wifi from the company’s on-demand library. I’m not sure where I’d use it — in bed? at an airport? — but the service suddenly looks a lot more attractive, despite the limitations of its library.

Comics will never be the same again The iPad could be to comics what the iPod was to music. Even if you haven’t picked up a Spider-Man comic since you were 14, it’s hard not to be impressed by the way the Marvel app renders the work of its artists.

One day soon, we’ll laugh at the first-generation iPad It’s a touch on the heavy side and cries out for a web camera. Early adopters may regret not waiting for the second version, whenever it comes.

What surprised you?


iPad meets Philip Glass (Koyaanisqatsi)

What if the iPad actually changed the world? I’m all for it trying.

Click the button and the world is your oyster.

Unfortunately it’s made in flash so you won’t be able to view it on your iPad.

Posted by Byron King | Report as abusive

First, Apple fulfilled it’s April 3 delivery date! Woohoo!!!

Second, Apple’s aesthetic prowess shines again! No doubt about that…

Third, Missing or doesn’t support this or that! No doubt about that…as long as it’s aesthetically impressive?

Posted by Santi Babaran | Report as abusive

I was kinda hoping it came with Android or Chrome OS, played Flash, had a camera, USB …

Guess I’m waiting for something that has all these things. I don’t think I’ll be waiting long.

Posted by PulSamsara | Report as abusive

It’s great for viewing, but for surfing, I have to figure out how to set it up so I don’t have to do as much typing as I do on my laptop, cuz the onscreen keyboard is not suitable for us touch typing fans. Some more multitasking capability would help here, too, I think.

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

I think lack of 3G makes this device obselete. Definitely need to wait for the second version.

Posted by John Travertine | Report as abusive

this computer is the bast in the world!!!!
see my fav videos of ipad here

Posted by shalom | Report as abusive

I tried excel on the iPad. VERY disappointing

Posted by Storyburn | Report as abusive

I think you are right
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Posted by paigmellini | Report as abusive

Now all it needs is a flipdown keyboard!!

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

I could not type and hold it as well. A bit too heavy. Nice screen
Some of the Iphone apps really look goofy.

Posted by markm | Report as abusive

I love ipad, it is a amazing gadget.

Posted by maxikosr | Report as abusive

What attract me most is the big hd screen.

Posted by maxikosr | Report as abusive

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