I’ve come to tell you I’m going (to Tumblr)

July 12, 2011

The Gainsbourg song is called “Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais” — “I’ve come to tell you that I’m leaving.” It also serves as notice to you that I’ll move my remarks over to my Tumblr site. Why?

1. It seems easier to maintain one blog with all my thoughts on journalism, music or whatever I want to write about.

2. It’s personal rather than work, even if I’m discussing writing, reporting and journalism all around — in other words, the way I make my living.

Nobody has accused me of trying to demolish any temples or turning any sacred cows into steaks, but it seems to me that an adult would use a personal forum to talk publicly about his passionate feelings regarding the great profession of journalism. Those feelings can be positive, negative, praising, hectoring and many more. Letting them loose here might seem to some people that I’m attacking the feeding hand rather than… uh… chewing on it thoughtfully to encourage better journalism all around.

My comments about journalism and the quality of the work that goes into it concern all media, not just one organization. So why not take the struggle somewhere else? See you there, all two of my readers.

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