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Jul 20, 2015

Europe backs Iran nuclear deal in signal to U.S. Congress

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union approved the Iran nuclear deal with world powers on Monday, a first step toward lifting Europe’s economic sanctions against Tehran that the bloc hopes will send a signal that the U.S. Congress will follow.

In a message mainly aimed at skeptical voices in the U.S. Congress and strong resistance from Israel, EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels stressed that there was no better option available.

Jul 15, 2015

NATO plans biggest exercise since 2002 to counter Islamic State

BRUSSELS, July 15 (Reuters) – NATO and its allies will hold
their biggest military exercise in more than a decade from
October, deploying 36,000 personnel across the Mediterranean to
counter the threat of Islamic State on the alliance’s southern

Briefly turning attention away from Russia, NATO commanders
said on Wednesday the alliance would carry out some of its
toughest training yet in a complex “artificial threat scenario”
in which militants attack on land, from the air and at sea.

Jul 12, 2015

China’s bid to extend economic diplomacy entangled in EU fund rules

BRUSSELS, July 13 (Reuters) – China could invest up to 10
billion euros ($11.1 billion) in Europe’s new infrastructure
fund, but a final decision is being held up by the complex
mechanics of a deal to give Chinese technology companies a
greater role in Europe, people familiar with the talks say.

Premier Li Keqiang had been expected to put a figure on
China’s contribution to the EU’s 315 billion euro fund at an
EU-China summit on June 29, part of Beijing’s efforts to become
a more advanced economy and not just the world’s factory floor.

Jul 1, 2015

Proposed investor court might save EU-U.S. trade deal in European Parliament

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The president of the European Parliament has urged lawmakers to support a trade deal between Europe and the United States, telling them that setting up a new European court to settle trade disputes could overcome public resistance to the accord.

Europe’s assembly is divided over whether to approve the proposed pact, which would be the world’s biggest. It fears U.S. multinationals will use private arbitration, which the agreement provides for, to challenge European food and environmental laws on grounds they restrict commerce. A vote is expected on July 8.

Jun 29, 2015

China works for ‘win-win’ climate plan, poised for pledge

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – China is seeking a fair, global system to tackle climate change and is about to make a joint announcement on the environment, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said before a summit in Brussels with top European Union officials on Monday.

Expectations are high that China, the world’s biggest carbon emitter, is about to submit to the United Nations a promise to cut emissions ahead of U.N. climate talks late this year in Paris.

Jun 29, 2015

In Europe, China premier pledges to hold on to euro zone debt

BRUSSELS/BEIJING (Reuters) – China promised the European Union on Monday it would hold on to its euro zone debt, Chinese state media reported, saying the Greek debt crisis was Beijing’s problem too.

The comments by China’s Premier Li Keqiang just before a China-EU summit in Brussels appeared aimed at soothing European financial markets that took fright at the growing risk that Greece will leave the euro.

Jun 28, 2015

EU tries to look beyond Greece to deepen China ties

BRUSSELS, June 29 (Reuters) – The European Union will
briefly put aside worries about Greece to broaden its relations
with China at a summit in Brussels on Monday, hoping for Chinese
investment in Europe’s new infrastructure fund and support for a
global climate deal.

As China seeks to move Sino-European ties beyond trade and
win a bigger role in international affairs, the European Union
is relieved to find a more cooperative partner, agreeing to play
down tensions that have bedevilled relations in the past.

Jun 28, 2015

Euro zone readies for Greek default after Tsipras referendum call

ATHENS/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Greece’s European partners shut the door on extending a credit lifeline to Athens, leaving the country facing a default that could push it out of the euro and cause ripple effects across the European economy and beyond.

Finance ministers of the other 18 countries sharing the euro met for the first time without Greece after flatly rejecting its pleas to extend an expiring bailout. The left-wing Syriza government had asked for an extension until after a July 5th referendum in which Greek voters would decide on whether to accept new, tough bailout terms that the government opposes.

Jun 27, 2015

Germany says surprise Greek referendum plan shuts door on negotiations

ATHENS/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Germany all but buried negotiations to keep Greece from default on Saturday, saying a surprise decision by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to call a referendum had left nothing to discuss but how to cope with failure.

Worried the country could default and even leave the euro zone, some Greeks queued up at cash machines to withdraw funds, though there were no signs of panic in Athens. Many sounded defiant, saying Tsipras had offered them an important chance to determine their own fate.

Jun 26, 2015

In tense talks, EU leaders agree plan to confront migrant crisis

BRUSSELS, June 26 (Reuters) – Fractious European leaders
argued into the early hours on Friday over how to handle over a
migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, agreeing a plan to share
out the care of desperate people fleeing war and poverty in
North Africa and the Middle East.

Determined not to be dragged into negotiations over Greece’s
debt debacle at their summit in Brussels, leaders instead found
themselves sparring for seven hours about whether to take in
40,000 Syrian and Eritrean asylum seekers now in Italy and
Greece and another 20,000 people currently outside the EU.

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