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Aug 7, 2015

British comedian spurns Edinburgh for London retrospective

LONDON (Reuters) – As thousands of comedians converge on Edinburgh this weekend for the annual Fringe festival, one of its best-known performers will be staying away, avoiding what he says is an annual “whirlwind of paranoia, self-obsession and disappointment”.

But Richard Herring is not taking a break from the grueling schedule imposed by the Fringe, where comedians jostle for audiences and dream of being spotted by television executives.

Jun 17, 2014
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Iranian veil site gets half million ‘likes’ and state TV rebuke


(“Observing Islamic veil is the law on Our country “- a poster in a restaurant in Kashan, central Iran, 26 June 2012/Adam Jones)

When Masih Alinejad posted a picture of herself online jumping in the air in a sunny, tree-lined London street, the journalist hoped to cheer up readers weary of her stories of grim human rights cases in her native Iran.

Dec 17, 2013

London-Iranian aims to put Persian food on top table

LONDON, Dec 17 (Reuters) – London restaurateur Bijan Behzadi
wants to show the world Persian cuisine is more than just mounds
of rice and kebabs and says food from his native Iran should be
taken as seriously as French or Italian.

Most Persian restaurants outside Iran cater for a diaspora
craving a taste of home: above all chelo kebab – literally “rice
and grilled meat” – the ubiquitous comfort food akin to fish and
chips to the British or mac ‘n’ cheese for Americans.

Feb 20, 2013

Italy’s “next prime minister” woos left in swing region Sicily

PALERMO, Italy, Feb 20 (Reuters) – A live rock band and a
charismatic warm-up act set the stage on Wednesday for the man
introduced to Sicilians – whose votes matter more than most in
an election in a few days’ time – as “Italy’s next prime

The American-style build-up meant Pier Luigi Bersani, the
leader of the Democratic Party (PD), struggled to make his
rhetoric match the occasion, as he addressed the party faithful
in a rally in one of two crucial swing regions.

Feb 19, 2013

U.S., Italy Catholics want cardinal out of conclave

ROME (Reuters) – American and Italian Catholics have called for a U.S. cardinal accused of covering up sexual abuse by priests not to take part in electing a new pope, saying he would taint the new pontiff with the same scandal that dogged Benedict.

Italy’s best-selling magazine Famiglia Cristiana – “Christian Family” – asked its readers whether Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles until 2011, should attend the conclave that elects a successor to Pope Benedict next month – and the overwhelming answer was “no”.

Feb 19, 2013

Rome’s gays toast the departure of an unloved pope

ROME (Reuters) – Across the road from the Colosseum, the ancient Roman stadium consecrated as a holy Christian site, clients at a busy bar are raising a glass to the pope: toasting the departure of the worst Church leader they can imagine.

For drinkers in Rome’s best known gay bar, Benedict’s abdication is a blessing.

Feb 17, 2013

Tourists, Romans seek piece of history at pope’s Sunday prayer

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Foreign tourists and Romans packed into St. Peter’s Square on Sunday for one of the last chances in history to see Pope Benedict, whose resignation caused more surprise than sadness.

“I was just excited that we were going to get to see him before he resigned, and thought it would be cool to be in Rome with something like that happening,” said Shea Wild, an American student who had planned the trip before Benedict’s shock decision to step down.

Feb 15, 2013
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For the new pope, it’s all sewn up – small, medium or large


(Shoemaker Antonio Arellano works on a red shoe he made for Pope Benedict XVI in his shop in downtown Rome February 14, 2013. REUTERS/Tony Gentile)

At Gammarelli, a discreet oak-panelled tailor’s shop in central Rome, they are expected to be already creating sumptuous vestments for the new pope – in small, medium and large sizes so whoever is chosen will get the right fit.

Feb 15, 2013

German appointed to head scandal-hit Vatican bank

VATICAN CITY, Feb 15 (Reuters) – The Vatican appointed
German lawyer Ernst von Freyberg on Friday to head its bank,
filling a post left vacant since May when the previous chief was
ousted from the scandal-tainted institution.

The appointment, made by a commission of cardinals, was
approved by Pope Benedict and is likely one of his last major
decisions before he resigns at the end of the month, a move he
announced on Monday, stunning Catholics around the world.

Sep 16, 2012

Western embassies edgy as Muslim anger at film simmers

DUBAI (Reuters) – Western embassies across the Muslim world remained on high alert on Sunday and the United States urged vigilance after days of anti-American violence provoked by a video mocking the Prophet Mohammad.

The head of Libya’s national assembly said an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans last Tuesday looked like a planned assault by a “group with an agenda” rather than a spontaneous reaction to the video posted online.