Why did Johnny Mac pick Sarah Palin?

August 31, 2008

Oh I’ve heard all of the conventional wisdom: 

  • She’s a woman and can pick off disaffected Hillary supporters.
  • At 44, she offsets McCain’s age problem
  • She has a very strong conservative record.  She’s pro-life and pro-guns.  (Exhibit A to the right: an AP photo of her posing with a caribou she shot.)

But there’s another reason no one’s mentioning, at least not in polite conversation: she’s gorgeous.  I mean, have you seen her photos?  She’s a former beauty queen and her looks have only improved with age. Look at that bone structure!

It’s no secret that, in the age of television, looks are crucial to getting elected.  John Edwards was paying hundreds for his haircuts.  John Kerry was rumored to have received botox treatments.  Hillary Clinton wore a pound of makeup to cover her wrinkles.  Candidates that look good naturally have a leg up.

I’m not the first to notice that Palin is easy on the eyes.  Craig Ferguson thinks she has the “naughty librarian” thing going:

McCain, of course, looks every bit his age.  Read this brief account of his time in the Hanoi Hilton and it’s amazing he looks as good as he does.

Not to demean Gov. Palin and her achievements, but maybe McCain made the pick so he could get the youth male vote.  After all, Obama already has young women locked up:

This video has been played on YouTube nearly 10 million(!) times.

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