In case you haven’t heard, Circuit City is going out of business:

I was in the market for a printer and luckily there’s a Circuit City planted next door to a Best Buy on 5th Ave. between 43rd and 44th Streets in Manhattan. Makes comparison shopping easy.

On the left is what Circuit City charges for the Canon Pixma MP620—note the 20% off price.  On the right, Best Buy’s price.

For higher-demand items, like the Sony HD camcorder below, the C.C. discount was smaller.

C.C. has a couple drawbacks.  All sales are final and, since they’ve shut down their website, you have to buy in-store.  Nevertheless, there are good deals to be had.

2009 will see many going-out-of-business sales. One friend’s New Year’s resolution is not to pay retail this year…for anything.