BlogArt: Socialism vs. Capitalism

July 21, 2009



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Which one is the US?

Posted by Matt Stiles | Report as abusive

Now THAT’s funny.

Posted by Benedict@Large | Report as abusive

I have a new background for my desktop.

Posted by Reje | Report as abusive

Ever driven an old Lada? The US is practically a 2-party communist state, which is really bad for innovation and real value creation.

Posted by Ward | Report as abusive

Why would a “robber” hold a gun to someone’s head that has no money? The illustration for capitalism really doesn’t make sense. I also think the choice/use of colors is unfortunate, as it might imply a connection to political party/philosophy opposite to common understanding. The red guy is a robber/republican? Or the red guy is a robber/communist?

Posted by Ragnar | Report as abusive

On the left the people without money (ability) have the gun, on the right the people with the money have the gun. Think about it. The left is stealing, the right is protecting what is worked for.

Sabastian Curry

Posted by Sabastian Curry | Report as abusive

To make them do something for you, like clean your house, or work to make you even more money. Spend some time in a true capitalist country like Mexico, where the rich hold all the power, and stay rich on the backs of everybody else, and you’ll understand.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

If I am going to pay European like taxes, I’d like European like benefits. Where’s my vacation stipend? Where’s my education stipend?

Socialism has no choices. Capitalism does. You have a choice regarding how hard you work and how much success you enjoy. People generally, choose to succeed or fail.

Posted by RR | Report as abusive

The caption should be ‘Socialism’ and ‘Fascism’. Fascism is statism with an appearance of private property and business intimately co-mingled with the state. Which is what we have in the U.S. and most of our politicians advocate. Capitalism is a complete separation of the state and economics, no bailouts, no Federal Reserve, no economic regulations or distorting tax incentives.

Posted by ska | Report as abusive

Why everybody is bragging about Capitalism when actually the country is in Default because the Capitalism…

Folks, Capitalism is nothing more than a component,and not a system.

In US everybody embrace a “Democracy” that nothing else than a Plutocracy.

And finally, Stop being brainwash-ignorants, and educate yourselves by asking “how can we don’t have an Idealogy”

Very simple anwser: your Leaders don’t want you to think, Because put in danger their “Golden-eggs-Chicken”

Posted by Jc | Report as abusive

It’s truly a sad time when the Land of Opportunity is even having this discussion.

Most people are conservative capitalist who want their civil liberties protected.

Make the government smaller, take away it’s religous leaners and America will once again prevail.

Eliminate the welfare, the income tax and federal reserve and put the money back in the peoples hands, and they will give far more generously and efficiently than any government can.

Only when Americans quit turning on their preffered news source which is typically anti the other news guy, will we all start working together to hold our politicians and bankers accountable for theft. Only then can we reduce the size of government.

When this happens, the issue of Socialism vs Capitalism will be muted. Money in our hands means we will go back to spending money in Mexico improving their quality of life and reducing the need for so many to come over illegally.

Everyone needs to find a third party candidate to rally around and put a nail in the two party systems coffen.

I love America, Americans, it’s races, it’s cultures. it’s preferences and our troops.

Small government = a free giving society

By the way, we are heading down the path of Socialism which may very well cause another Revolution.

Posted by Tim Moore | Report as abusive

It is time for a revolution in this country. The people that have worked their tails off all their lives are seeing their hard earned money go to support those that do not want to work and feel they are entitled to everything and not work for it. I was born and bred in this country my father died for this country and I have relatives all the way back to the American Revolution that died for this country.

It is OUR COUNTRY we need to take it back from the politicians that are raping it daily for their own good and the PAC’s that are only interested in their best interest not ours. Do you think the politicians have your back? Right! NOT!!! They are protecting their backs – look at their Health Insurance policy that you pay for with your taxes or their retirement plan serve 1 term retire and you get your full salary the rest of your days.. hmmm and who else gets that kind of opportunity?

As an American Citizen you cannot be complacent anymore -we experienced 9-11 yet we fall back into that complacent attitude of I am entitled or the government is going to do what it is going to do.

We put these people into Congress and the Presidency and we can vote them right back out.

A revolution would wake this country up and remember why she was founded in the first place ”FREEDOM” which we are losing very fast.

Posted by saweet | Report as abusive

Did you really ask which one is the US? Wow.

Posted by cdeachus | Report as abusive

the point of the cartoon is that the guys in red/blue are still the same persons before (left) and after (right) the “robbery”. When you are poor, you fully support socialism to steal from the rich. Once you become rich after the robbery, you ask the poor to empty out the back pocket..

Posted by kp | Report as abusive

> Why would a “robber” hold a gun to someone’s head that has no money? The illustration for capitalism really doesn’t make sense.

To keep the victims from
1. Getting some of the money
2. Organizing labor
3. Establishing an alternative currency. Google “Ron Paul dollars” and you’ll see this is exactly what happened in the U.S.
4. Rebelling and setting up their own community that is free of parasites.
5. Stop working and consuming crap paid for by debt.

And those are just off the top of my head.

Posted by fdsa | Report as abusive

Can I just say this to alot of the people who are getting communism/socialism mixed up with a dictatorship. You can get capitalist dictatorships. The idea of socialism is giving the power and money to the many and the workers which I am sure many of you are for. Just because you have been told socialism is the bad guy does not make it true. Also can I just say I am British and therefore European and unfortunately we are a capitalist society.

Posted by gdfhgsdf gfhsdfg | Report as abusive

A previous post was correct but since been removed. (Left) European socialism, forcefully move the money. (Right) American capitalism, the right to defend what you earned. I liked that one. Anyways, that’s not the point:

America was founded a capatilist, free market, republic. They knew it would be hard to keep. Now we see why. I happen to believe in my logic! Through heart and physical sence, hold The Constitution of America as the most beautiful document ever written in history. I treat it as it’s design as the highest law of this land. I call this land home. I am free, I am brave. I fear not in my own abilities on in yours. I thought this to be true untill legistlation was signed to engulf the essence of that very thought process. A bill passed with somthing near 25% support in it own party, less amongst others. I find this to be strongly insaulting to America.

If the government wishes to conduct a form of progressive (socialist) governance, at least have the support of America behind you. Atleast then one may grin and bear it. I find no choice but to SPEAK!

If you do not like the idea of a free America, an America capitalist, an America that remains true to it’s constitution. If the constitution needs amendment so be it! Follow the process! The process is not republican, it is not white, it is not rich! It is not Christian! It is not to be toyed with!!! It is America, it is you! It is me, all of us. To violate the process of America is a direct disregard to democracy, and anyone who would die for freedom.

If you want to make a demon. Start correctly! The socialist nations aroundthe world are failing if not utterly already a disaster. It was legal to rape women I’m Haiti untill year 2008! Yes 2008! Still no laws against sexual descriminatin. Right now as we speak men in Haiti, the military now! Rapeing, stealing, pillaging… The government no better. Your government is a reflection of it’s people. Canada, is there a doctor in the house? Ae? In India child slavery, in china wow, won’t even go there, in Africa, again women are slaves, genocide is a regularity, the middle-east, wow again, do these people even like women at all? Or maybe a bit too much I don’t know what. The rest of the world, Brazil for example, destroying more forest than America is! Way more! An they plant less! Google earth it! Everywhere you look. Who gets the power from socialism, not you! Not me! Not anyone unless you fully devote your life your cause and your purpose to that particular affiliation… Am I correct? Thank you Very much.

Personally I lover America, what she stand for. And I love the fact that some people can be so two faced. No socialistic society can even provide the funds to operate it’s self without capitalism. Everyone here who supports socialism probably still hunks they have the right to go make a hustle on the side and keep the money they made tax free. The concept of even needing to posess money as a socialist confused the you know what out of me… But finally, I’ll leave all you socialists,ultra liberalists, and progressives to continue to amaze me.

Posted by Capitalism | Report as abusive

Further more. May I add a defensive perspective to the European style of governance? At least they have the fortitude and bravery, almost honer I would call it, to present themselves as the party they truely represent. America in my opinion almost does need to break this two party system, or one side needs to show the honor most believe they have lost. 

I say this because in this democratic party we have progressives, liberals, and I’m not sure, but I’m prety sure the 75% of democrats who opposed this bill are exactly that, democrats, not progressives! 

If the progressives feel the need for a roll in governance, a style of governance I wish to have no affiliation with… I know how they are. Should they not brave up, and have the honor to run as a progressive party? Or extremests from both sideds need to either be forced out at election time, or what hope do we stand at uniting as Americans again? When the government mandates charity, what does it do for those that wish to give, but already feel the government is doing it for them? Im not trying to discredit anyone, but progressive governments in my experienced opinion in dealing with them for more than twenty years, I find to errode your freedoms of choice, and deal in your life too greatly. I won’t lay out my many, many, many examples… But feel free to email me any counter opinions, or want to see the evidence for yourself…. Please back up your logic with evidence. I enjoy all opinions, but stongly lean capitalist, demacrat or republican is not an issue.

Right now there is a movment within the republican party to reinvoke the spirit of America back into politics. They are attempting to force out anyone who is deemed radical, and not suited for America. They are concentration on promoting members that most importantly. Believe in the process of America, the constitution! Of course they will promote traditional republican values, let that not bother you. I commend this movement, and will give it full support. Why can we not do this, we can win the election this way, and this way alone in my opinion, well that and/or amnesty. Most all forigners are socilists, they will vote democratic by default. That is troubbling.

Why is not the democratic party doing the same thing, I feel to allow your party to be violated in such a way requires a split, or internal movment for demacracy! If there is no split, or movement, all demacrats will be forever tarnished as progressive, but not I. I find that thaught hard to be actual as 75% of this party does not support, call it what it is, socialised medicine. We do not support the massive bailouts, and we do not, I thought, support progressives. Though I supose we do, and we are,it seems in congress alone! I feel my vote and many others will be lost for the democratic party. fox news are not scare mongers, are as one sided as us, they have valid points, they need to be actually countered with evidence. We need to take it to their level, we are loosing out on what needs to be covered. The more liberal media covers fox news, I don’t see how that helps anyone, now fox is covering liberal headlines in retialiation, how does this help the country? And how the hell does it help liberal media? How does it help the democrats? How does it help America! We all need to get back on track, the divide in the left/right is worse than ever, I mean come on! Read posts above!!! Talk of revoloution, how democratic, or republican is that! And finally that being said, treat others how you want to be treated, we all remember gerorge bush.      

Here is a point to mention, an enlightment of true progressiveness. If there is honor left in Washington, and amnesty is not about votes, but actually about careing, and about us. We shall see if it too takes effect in no less than four years, we will see how fast amnstey is attempted to pass, we shall see! This will be an effective gage of honor. It will force my voice low, or it will force my voice high. I hope everyone takes the time to notice what is being done to us here.  

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