Zimbabwe’s Hyperinflation: #2 in world history

August 18, 2009

Steve Hanke and Alex Kwok just published a paper calculating last year’s hyperinflation in Zimbabwe, when “conventional inflation measures were not available.” Their conclusion is that in mid-November, prices were doubling every day. That means Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation ranks second worst in world history.

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Previously I linked to a video describing the dire monetary situation in Zimbabwe.  It puts the data above in perspective…


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Saw in Zim situation today the inflation table – 2nd highest inflation was end 2008 in Zim – only Hungary greater (see table in book folder saved) – you left out Argentina in the table table so I looked it up – Argentina’s inflation in July 1994 was at Argentina’s highest at 196%. That makes Zim come third instead of second!!!!!

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Inflation numbers

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