September 4, 2009

(Reader note: here at Reuters we’ve been discussing the merits of opening links in a new tab vs. the same one. So I’m going to experiment for a week with links in the same window. If you prefer them to be opened in a new tab, just right click)

(Reader note #2: I’m away this weekend with limited access to the internet, so posting will be light.)

Can a central bank go broke? (Mises) If the economy’s liabilities are in foreign currency, certainly. When they are in domestic currency, the printing press becomes the solution. In the long run, this may be worse.

Did the Oracle just blink (Reuters) Warren Buffett sold more of his Moody’s shares.

Notes from the space elevator conference (hplusmagazine, ht Yves)

Furloughed professors (Econbrowser) James Hamilton doesn’t think very much of some UC professors’ plan to protest furloughs by walking out of classes.

Stanford SIPC decision shows investors can’t trust securities (Aaron Krowne)

Judge’s frustration grows with mortgage servicers (NYT) A judge in AZ gave one troubled borrower the opportunity to cross-examine a Wells Fargo executive.

Cash 4 Kids in Japan (CNN) It pays better to buy a car in the U.S.

Dear JetBlue (30dayflight) Remember that JetBlue promotion? Well these two are taking it to the extreme.

Russell Crowe’s clever PR stunt (BBC) Says the writer who criticized Mr. Crowe after seeing a photograph of him smoking during a break in a bike ride: “When you make a living throwing stones you expect that one day someone is going to lob one back. This was that day.”




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Being an RSS reader, this is a debate that is largely meaningless to me (same tab v new tab) as links that I click through will naturally open up in a new tab. However, instead of right clicking and then choosing open link in new tab, simply press the middle (scroll wheel button) and usually, that will open the link in a new tab and with far less clicks!

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Michael Jackson, the famed beer critic, died in 2007.

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Nice photo – patsy hydrogen bomb ? ‘Can a central bank go broke?’ – I think all governments should align their cash flow statements and balance sheets to IFRS models. That way we might just all understand what the heck is going on, not that we will? An interesting consequence could be that asset verifications, fair values and stock counts might have a few surprises in store, most probably positive, in which case non distributable reserves can be created to pep up balance sheets. Free banking – I doubt it.

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