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September 10, 2009

How the Federal Reserve bought the economics profession (HuffPo, ht ML) This is a long, well-researched piece. I’ve always thought a big reason economists love the Fed is that, deep down, they all want to be Fed chairman. They love the idea of pulling the monetary policy lever. They understand how powerful it is.

In Florida, vestiges of the boom (NYT) A good piece from Eric Dash on Corus.

How Africa is disconnected from the world economy (NYU, ht NG) Three interesting pictures…

Getting ahead in America (National Affairs) “…income inequality has long been less important to the American public than economic mobility. What matters is not how you compare to others, but whether you have a chance to improve your own circumstances.”

Gecko tails dance to their own tune (ABC Science) Let’s see GEICO work this into a commercial…

U.S. trade gap widens on record import surge (Reuters) At $32 billion in July, the trade deficit is still well below where it had been. From mid ’05 to mid ’08, the gap was in the $60 billion neighborhood.

Ex-con tells story of prison lessons and second chances (CNN)

Islamic banking grew 66% in 2008 (Axis of Logic) I’m not familiar with Asian Banker Research, but this seems like an interesting finding.

Porno Ponzi (Reuters)

Employee of the month? ( Start the video 45 seconds in…

Hubble’s latest images. Details — and high res versions suitable for framing — here.


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Hubble images are excellent!

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