Lunchtime Links 9-11

September 11, 2009

MUST READ–Big food vs. big insurance (NYT)“What happens when the health insurance industry realizes that our system of farm subsidies makes junk food cheap, and fresh produce dear, and thus contributes to obesity and Type 2 diabetes? It will promptly get involved in the fight over the farm bill — which is to say, the industry will begin buying seats on those agriculture committees and demanding that the next bill be written with the interests of the public health more firmly in mind.”

Condo owner finds out he’s been living in (and renovating) the wrong unit (

Greenspan: Gold Rally signals move away from paper currencies (Bloomberg) Interesting that Greenspan is coming back to gold. Once upon a time he was a big fan. And yet he inflated the dollar with aplomb, creating rivers of dollar liquidity that inflated asset prices and put trillions into the hands of foreigners and their central banks. These dollars still represent claims on American production. Over time the result is likely to be higher inflation and/or more American assets falling into the hands of our biggest foreign creditors.

Wells Fargo exec uses house surrendered to bank by Madoff victims (LA Times) Not great PR for Wells…

Flashback: Democrats boo Bush at 2005 State of the Union (RealClearPolitics) It’s funny to me, how Democrats are hyperventilating about Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst at Obama’s speech. Compare that outburst by a single Republican to the chorus of boos at Bush’s 2005 State of the Union. I don’t see a problem with either outburst, really. I’ve always wondered why decorum is so highly prized at presidential addresses in the first place. The office deserves respect, sure. But not too much. Maybe we should take a page from the Brits playbook … subject our guy to questions.

Controversial sprinter is a hermaphrodite (Guardian, ht ES)

Nine women rescued from fake Big Brother house in Turkey (Guardian)

VIDEO: Priests crack coconuts on devotees’ heads (National Geographic) After the two minute mark, there’s an explanation for where this painful ritual came from…

Volcano erupting from space (gizmodo)


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With regard to food and insurance. You may find the book: Trick and Treat by Barry Groves very interesting. In particular the section on diabetes clearly articulates the flawed advice by various diabetic advisory groups and why. The book is well researched and copiously documented.

When I meet a diabetic (type 2), or a person that seems to be chronically ill with colds and flu etc, I don’t have to look any farther than what they eat. Most often it is a diet heavily laden with carbohydrates, low fat or exclusively vegetarian. And yet what are we all advised to eat? Low fat, high carbohydrate (sugar) related foods.

No wonder the drug companies are making so much money.

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Sounds like the Wells Fargo exec (Cheronda Guyton) owes Wells Fargo the fair market value of rent, which then mitigates the loss on the notes from (Lawrence and Linda Elins), which should at least reduce the size of the number on the 1099 that they would get for cancellation of debt as income.

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Rolfe, agreed with you 100% on making the US a bit more parliamentarian. But even across the pond, they make distinctions between heckling (much of it ceremonial) and calling someone an outright liar.

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Brilliant comment, should be repeated:’These dollars still represent claims on American production. Over time the result is likely to be higher inflation and/or more American assets falling into the hands of our biggest foreign creditors.’ There goes the Reserve Currency…

‘crack coconuts on devotees’ heads\': maybe someone should crack some coconuts on the Woody Allen lookalike’s head.

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