Lunchtime Links 9-13

September 13, 2009

Norman Borlaug dies (NYT) An argument can be made that Borlaug had a greater impact on more lives than any one in history.

Nobel economist Phelps “gloomy” over U.S. economy (AFP) A grim visage to go with a grim forecast. “The massive debt being racked up by the United States to exit recession will thwart growth for decades while its “almost useless” financial sector needs deep reform, a Nobel economist said Friday.”

How the giants of finance shrunk, then grew, under the financial crisis (NYT) A cool animation.

Financier Danny Pang dies (LA Times) Mark Maremont at WSJ broke this story.

Growing grass to beat the recession (Guardian)

Fat tax could be panacea for health reform (Forbes)

Schadenfreude Alert: Extravagant Dubai island project sinks under weight of credit crunch (Independent) Here’s a link to the promotional video.

Bullet Proof Baby ( This MUST be fake. I think my favorite is baby’s “first riot helmet.”

All Philadelphia libraries to shut down Oct 2nd (


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I used to read/hear “Nobel winning economist” and think “wow smart guy”. Now I just think ” yeah, but krugman won a Nobel too”.

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Hold on, Andrew.

Norman Borlaug won the Nobel Peace Prize, which is one of the “real” Nobel prizes awarded by the Nobel Foundation.

The “Nobel” prize for economics is not a prize from the Nobel Foundation. It was created by the Central Bank of Sweden. s_Riksbank_Prize_in_Economic_Sciences_in _Memory_of_Alfred_Nobel

Economists are just guys pushing a bank’s agenda. The BS is that they appear to be neutral and appear to be scientists.

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while that is an interesting fact I didn’t know, I was referring to the AFP article quoting “Nobel economist Phelps”

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Why would you be happy about bad things happening in Dubai? Amazing things are happening in different parts of the middle east–including the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival that will be taking place in Doha, Qatar. IM Pei was brought out of retirement to design a building there and many other things are happening in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait–even some traction in places like Saudi Arabia.

I already know your hyper-pro-Israel slant, Rolfe. It does get old.

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