Lunchtime Links 9-20

September 20, 2009

Homeowners who “strategically default” on loans a growing problem (LA Times) More evidence that negative equity causes walk-aways. This will be a growing problem as folks realize home values aren’t coming back. If they do come back, it will be because the Fed has succeeded in blowing another asset bubble, and the consequences of that will be much worse.

$30 billion home loan time bomb set for 2010 ( Just reminding us that Option ARMageddon is around the corner for California. Count on many of these folks to “strategically default.”

Elderly bank bandit: “I robbed to pay off my mortgage” (nbcsandiego) What’s the famous quote about most crimes being committed to pay a mortgage??

Japan’s death penalty effectively scrapped with arrival of Keiko Chiba (Times UK)

Polar Bears and their toys (Bellflower) I like the tire…

Cheap laughs (Atlantic) Who is America’s most trusted newscaster? By a large margin: Jon Stewart.

Customer of the year? (BBC) Gotta love the leap over the last rope.

Australian ATM accidentally dispenses $50s ( Most interesting is that 75% of the mistakenly dispensed money has been returned, which could have something to do with the security cameras….

VIDEO: Dating Montage ( I don’t know what’s funnier: what they’re saying or what they’re wearing. Oh, and I want to see the “goddess” guy in a Coen brothers movie…specifically on the same bowling team as The Jesus.

VIDEO: Women keep your virtue (YouTube) “He secretly wishes to take diabolical liberties with your knees.”

Keeping with the theme directly above…



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The laughs are priceless. I’ve e-mailed them to myself for safe-keeping.

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LOL… made my day.

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To think that strategically walking on a mortgage note will negatively impact one’s credit rating is ridiculous in this day. There’s really no such thing as credit ratings that mean anything. A so-called bad credit score can be easily overcome in today’s market with just a little bit of finese. Simple actually.

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