Lunchtime Links 9-25

September 25, 2009

Iran reveals existence of second uranium enrichment plant (WaPo) According to the article, we’ve known about this site for years but Obama/Brown/Sarkozy “decided to publicly disclose the existence of the facility after learning that Iran had become aware the site was no longer a secret.” Pardon me for not understanding the intricacies of diplomacy, but if we’ve known about this site for years, why wasn’t it made public? I’m sure there’s a reason…

Credit quality declined sharply for Shared National Credits (CR)

Randy Quaid, wife arrested over unpaid hotel bill (Reuters) More from TMZ.

Bank bailout reject embraced by declawed Tiger (David Reilly) “Irish taxpayers are guinea pigs in a government experiment to buy property loans from banks at prices higher than market values yet lower than the amounts banks carry them for on their books. Although markets are reacting favorably, there‚Äôs a good chance taxpayers will get stung”

The $20 theory of the universe (Esquire) Hilarious. From 2003.

A fare price? (Economist) The costliest cities for public transport.

Warning: This image has been photoshopped (ars technica) “The French parliament has held its first hearing of a proposed law that would require every advertisement to display a disclaimer telling the public that images of people were manipulated. The goal is to help cut down on body issues in adolescents, and violating the law could be costly.”

G20 protesters blasted by sonic cannon (Guardian) Interesting, but wouldn’t recommend playing this at work.

37Signals valuation tops $100 billion after bold VC investment ( Poking a little fun at Twitter…

Lack of sleep increases risk of catching a cold (NYT)

James Bond squirrel…

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“U.S. officials said they believe the Qom plant is not yet operational but is intended to produce highly enriched uranium — suitable for nuclear weapons”

That is very questionable. There’s only been one bomb ever, that was made out of enriched uranium, and we dropped it 64 years ago in Hiroshima. Every nuke after that is plutonium based, including the gadget at Trinity, the fat man on Nagasaki, and the plutonium fission triggers to our fusion big boys.

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