Lunchtime Links 9-26

September 26, 2009

Chicago cabbies want $50 puke fee (Sun-Times) Can you blame ’em?

Schadenfreude alert: Ponzi-schemer Stanford gets in fight at Texas jail (Bloomberg)

Fed weighs naming borrowers (WSJ) Ron Paul’s “audit the fed” drive, and Bloomberg’s FOIA request are pressuring the Fed into disclosing more information about its lending programs.

From Obama, G-20’s mission as Tim sees it (NYT) Joe Nocera writes a cute column about the importance of raising bank capital requirements, and making sure American and European banks subscribe to the same ones. The only new piece of information is that apparently 8% could be the new minimum Tier 1 ratio (up from 4%). As Simon Johnson points out, Lehman had Tier 1 Capital of 11.6% when it failed. And we still don’t know what the heck happened there. How could they have so much capital one day, and be tens of billions in the hole the next. Joe also emphasizes the point frequently made in this space that tangible common equity is what matters….

In one home, Detroit’s rise and fall (WSJ)

Woman gets pregnant while pregnant (MSNBC) So, uh, how will she manage delivery?

The dog ate global warming (National Review)

Transporting 510 ton steam generators to a nuclear plant (YouTube)

Sand animation on Ukraine’s Got Talent…


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When did people start calling a boiler a “steam generator”, and why?

Posted by dearieme | Report as abusive

The link should have gone to the online WSJ, since we don’t all subscribe. Thanks.

Posted by MaryBeth | Report as abusive

i tipped a DC cabbie $20 after my “date” splashed the seat and rug as she was getting out. add that to the $20 Theory of the Universe.

Posted by million | Report as abusive

yeah, it’s not “steam generator” as in “something that generates steam”. It’s a steam powered generator. The nuclear reactor is, effectively, the generator of steam, which then turns the turbine down the line. They were moving the turbine units.

Which is much less effective power system than the pebble bed reactor systems with gas (as in helium) driven turbines.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive