BlogArt: Bernie Madoff crushed by farting bull

September 29, 2009

Chinese artist Chen Wenling’s take on the global financial crisis.


Yeah, that’s supposed to be Bernie Madoff against the wall…at least according to the BBC. Other views of the sculpture here.

One hopes this sculpture doesn’t perpetuate the once common stereotype that Jews have horns. A stereotype that happens to be derived from another sculpture.


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Shouldn’t the Title read ‘BlogFart’

Posted by callistenes | Report as abusive

I was thinking more in terms of explosive diarrhea.

Posted by Lilguy | Report as abusive

The front part is ok, behind the bull it’s g a y.

Posted by whatever | Report as abusive

Crushed? No! That’s how he created the Ponzi.

Posted by The Real Deal | Report as abusive

What a waste of time, money, and multiple resources.
Too many people have way too much time on their hands.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

[…] on Sep.29, 2009, under Physics, Science, Weird To begin the weirdness, let me direct you towards this link which I found on, my favorite online not-news aggregator. It is ostensibly an image of a […]

Posted by Okay, this is going to seem weird, but just go with it, the results are funny – Resonant Constellation | Report as abusive

Too late. Bernie already perpetuated that stereotype.
I was hoping that the bull would fart ON Bernie.

Posted by Anton Chigur | Report as abusive

Some artists confuse poor taste for art. Nobody ever blames Bernie’s clients who knew that they wer egetting too good of a deal yet thought that they were smarter than the rest of us. What was the artist thinking adding horns, farts? It is not even an allegory. It is a pure defamation. Why not make it about Soros and Buffet? They are as greedy and dishonest and Madoff. They had actually caused the crisis.

Posted by Allie | Report as abusive

Guys, really…it’s a bull farting itself into the air and asscrushing a man.

Ignore what is implied politically and let’s all giggle like a bunch of six year olds at the sigh. Kay?

Posted by Griff | Report as abusive

No it’s of course NOT about Jews having horns but about Madoff, the mini-bull, being crushed by a more powerful bull. Why are people always searching the presence of antisemitisms? When there’s none at hand they invent one to blow up their importance, Mr. Wikler. What’s next? Will you say that all people who see Mr. Madoff as a betrayer are serving the stereotype that all Jews are betrayers? Hear that “boooh”!

Posted by Kandinsky | Report as abusive

Kandinsky….I didn’t say that statue was anti-semitic. Neither was Michelangelo’s Moses. The issue is that foolish, ignorant folks who are LOOKING for a reason to dislike Jews or perpetuate stereotypes often latch on to such things.

Trade places with me for a week. See how many blatantly anti-Semitic comments we have to disapprove. Jews-are-banker-pigs-and-are-destroying- the-world-economy type comments.

You’re right that such rhetoric is still more the exception than the rule. And thank goodness for that. Hopefully it stays that way…

Posted by Rolfe Winkler | Report as abusive