Evening Links 9-29

September 29, 2009

House prices up in July (Bloomberg) The Case-Shiller 20-city index rose 1.2% in July. Though this suggests a bottom has been reached for home prices, how will they fair when (if?) government price supports are removed?

Fannie Mae seriously delinquent rate increases (CR) This is a powerful chart…

Talk to the invisible hand (Slate) Turning patients into better consumers would help reduce costs, but you can’t do that with so much information asymmetry in the health care marketplace.

Dangerous hybrid datapoint of the day (Felix) Cyclists, who tend to be environmentalists, are getting hit by hybrids because they can’t hear them. God certainly has a sense of humor…

Poland OKs forcible castration for pedophiles (Reuters)

Tiny bird’s incredible piggy back ride on hawk (metro.co.uk)

Hugh Jackman stops Broadway show for cell phone, stays in character (Reuters)

And here’s a video clip that captured the moment:


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I was skeptical at first, but I’ve really gotten on board with my HSA high deductible plan. I’ve had a couple unusual items this year but it’s still saved me at least $400 v. the company PPO plan. It’s also helped modify my behavior as a healthcare consumer: a couple weeks ago I had a pain in a finger joint and I knew it was related to an old break that had healed improperly, but rather than use it as an excuse to take time off work and go to the dr I just dealt with it (since I knew what was wrong and while uncomfortable I knew there wasn’t really anything that could be done and it wasn’t acute pain).

All that aside I totally agree that to facilitate better consumption of healthcare pricing needs to be more transparent. If I had wanted an xray I would have no idea of how much that would have cost me so I have to decide if it’s worth my resources (time and money) to go to the dr without knowing half the information.

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I recently read some very interesting articles on global currency instability at http://www.goldalert.com and how the huge government deficits are further weakening fiat currencies, in addition to how the gold price and gold mining companies could stand to benefit from these policies. I think it is useful reading for anyone interested in the economy and role that govt plays in it.

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