Car sales down post Cash 4 Clunkers

October 1, 2009

Car sales dropped sharply in September, after the Cash 4 Clunkers program expired. Sales compared to August were…

  • Honda: -52%
  • Toyota: -44%
  • Other: -41%
  • GM: -37%
  • Ford: -37%
  • Chrysler: -33%

Overall, the seasonally adjusted annual rate of auto sales fell back to 9.2 million in September, well below the peak over 17 million (good charts from CR here). It has been argued that the rate can’t stay that low forever because old cars will have to be replaced. But will they? Does anyone have a sense for what run-rate car sales will look like if we go back to 1.0 car families?

Here’s another great chart from WSJ with more granular data for each automaker.


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This is unbieleveable. It is absolutely stupid to compare Angust sales with September. There is no correlation whatsoever. Compare Sept 08 to Sept 09. Those are the only numbers that matter!

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who could have node?
Just like easy credit caused the housing bubble, the same can be said for the big vehicle bubble. Considering the unemployment rate, gas prices are not declining. Its tough to run those hummers with gas at 2.50 and unemployment at 10%

Posted by fresno dan | Report as abusive

Normally you wouldn’t put as much stock to month to month comparos because of seasonality changes, but in this case its useful to show the impact of C4C.

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