Lunchtime Links 10-12

October 12, 2009

Small change (Boston Globe)“Billions of dollars and a Nobel Prize later, it looks like ‘microlending’ doesn’t actually do much to fight poverty.”

$400 million ( Total retail sales claimed by boxing announcer Michael Buffer for his trademark phrase.

Dollar reaches breaking point as central banks shift reserves (Bloomberg) Interesting. “World leaders are acting on threats to dump the dollar while the Obama administration shows a willingness to tolerate a weaker currency in an effort to boost exports and the economy as long as it doesn’t drive away the nation’s creditors.”

The end is nigh…again (Economist, ht Adam Sharp) Bears that aren’t convinced by the rally. With regard to the above: “You cannot print your way to prosperity.” In other words, efforts to boost the economy via exports may not work out as planned…

S&P: Dubai has insufficient funds to cover debt (AP) …the sheikdom has about $4 billion left from a February bond issue, but must find a way to cover as much as $50 billion over the next three years.”

The cult of Mexican Coca-Cola (NYT)

School answering machine (YouTube) From Australia….

The end of the e-mail era (WSJ) I think this overstates the importance of new social networking tools. Are any of them sustainable if none can generate meaningful revenue? Interesting nonetheless.

Dog plays catch with ball machine (YouTube)

The Animal Odd Couple….

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