Lunchtime Links 10-14

October 14, 2009

JP Morgan blows out results (Bloomberg) It’s good to be TBTF!

WSJ artist ripped off! (Hedcuts) You know those neat little illustrations that WSJ runs in the paper? Turns out an artist is ripping them off. “…MY DRAWING was given as a gift to Vaclav Havel who then re-gifted it for president Obama?! And it’s now hanging in the White House?! You can bet your knickers I will do my damndest to let the President know he was scammed by the Spaniards and the Czechs! ;-)))”

$9200 per square foot for Hong Kong apt (AP) Must be nice digs.

Wall Street smarts (NYT)

10,000 apply for 90 jobs ( Building washing machines, pays $27,000, with benefits.

Dow crosses 10,000 (Bloomberg)

The rumours of the dollar’s death are much exaggerated (Martin Wolf) An opinion worth considering, though I think the arguments are weak. The dollar isn’t safe because of fundamentals, but because there isn’t any alternative? And Wolf’s analysis again turns on the output gap, that as long as there are excess resources in the economy, that stimulus won’t be inflationary. That can’t work perpetually.

Ireland’s slow motion financial crisis (fistfullofeuros)

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