Afternoon Links 10-15

October 15, 2009

6-year-old Colorado boy is floating away in balloon (thedenverchannel) He’s still up there as of this writing, 7500-8500 feet up, in a homemade hot-air balloon filled with helium. Authorities say he could stay aloft for 12 hours.  Update: Balloon lands, no boy.

The Ares Projects ( Check out slide 6. The new Ares V rocket will be 2x the size of the shuttle.

VIDEO: The Long Johns are back! (FT, ht Alphaville) Hilarious. A good excuse to revisit this video they did on subprime.

Citi’s hocus-pocus (Reuters) My colleague Matt Goldstein notes that Citigroup managed to report positive net income, but negative earnings per share. Huh?

Cordon Blues (Freakonomics) London’s congestion toll has benefited the city AND drivers. It’s a shame Mayor Bloomberg wasn’t able to get one passed here in NYC.

Notice of formal apology (imgur)

Why you should never, ever, ever speak to the police without a lawyer present (BoingBoing) 45 minutes of video that could save you 5-10 years some day…

9-year old scores amazing goal (Yahoo Sports) I’d be impressed if Wayne Gretzky pulled this off…

Hardest pitch to hit in baseball…

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