ERRATUM: Goldman’s comp

October 15, 2009

(Update: An earlier version of this chart labeled the Y-axis “dollars in billions,” which is of course inaccurate. Apologies to folks at Goldman for implying that this year’s bonuses would make them quadrillionaires.)

Will have a column on Goldman’s earnings later in the day. In the meantime, thought I’d share a chart I whipped up this morning:

(click chart to enlarge in new window)


Privatized profits in a world of socialized risk. Gotta love The New American Capitalism!


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are you talking about *Government* Sachs? what’s Goldman Sachs?

Posted by million | Report as abusive

I’m still trying to figure out all this anti-Goldman spleen I’m seeing on these pages. What’s with you guys? Goldie paid off their TARP loan ahead of schedule, and now they’re doing what they do best, which is trading for a profit and rewarding their shareholders and employees. This whole populist anti-Wall Street thing, started by Barack ‘Call Me Nobel Prize Winner’ Obama is getting REALLY OLD, really fast. You want to tax success to death, feel free. You want to play to the peanut gallery, go right ahead. But please, PLEASE, when American business gets smart and leaves the United States of Obama for more hospitable shores – which, come to think of it, they’ve been doing for quite some time – then don’t start whining about unfair trade with your trading partners, or how everybody is out to ‘get’ America, or blaming it on ‘foreigners’. Your currency is weak because it deserves to be weak, and you have the politicians you deserve.

I used to admire America. Now I’m not so sure.

Posted by gotthardbahn | Report as abusive

TARP was only a fraction of the bailout gottardbahn. There’s the debt guarantee from FDIC, there’s the $13 billion of cash Goldman got from the Fed via AIG, they’ve also got access to the discount window…..

The issue, as I’ll be publishing in a column shortly, is that while they are making money, the systemic risk is still there. Private profits, socialized risk.

Not sustainable if we want robust capital markets.

Posted by Rolfe Winkler | Report as abusive

Goldman wouldn’t be where it is without all the billions it recieved from AIG errrrrrrr the tax payers. It would have wound up like Lehman Bros.

Posted by CompaJD | Report as abusive

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase are crooked banks who only “bank” profit because of their government connections.

They are allowed to lie, cheat, and steal with no fear of prosecution.

From frontrunning their own clients, false recommendations, stealing from their own clients, selling short commodities they don’t own and can’t deliver, dubious credit default swaps/derivatives/securitizations, high frequency tading, using federal reserve currency swaps to pay off private debt, extortion, coercion, self serving taxpayer open market operations, bond auction fraud, fraudulent front accounts for illegal straw purchases, ad infinitum…

Dimon and Blankfein are evil men who have stolen from us all. All this crime, deceit, and ruin so they can pretend that they are still masters of finance.

I have no sympathy for what they have coming. Keep laughing bankers, it will not last…

Posted by William Kirby | Report as abusive

gotthardbahn: re-read Rolfe’s rebuttal a few times. i’ll make it easy for you, focus on the $13 billion of cash Government Sachs got from the Fed via AIG. research that, let it sink in. now stay out of my wallet, hippie.

Posted by million | Report as abusive

Now I may be just be a simple Hyper-Chicken, but I know when there’s a problem with someones math. The per employee compensation is ~580,000 BILLION dollars (%580,000,000,000,000 for each individual employee) according to your graph. Doesn’t that sound a bit high?

Posted by Grizzant | Report as abusive

The Federal Government was stupid, they gave AIG the money to pay off the swaps. What they should have done is take over the assets, paid off the US ones with a program like TARP, and told the offshore govts that they would have to do the same for their countries. Far too much money went offshore.

As far as repayment, we can’t double-dip. Either AIG owes it and the banks are off the hook or the banks owe it and AIG is off the hook. Someone needs to make a decision and leave it at that.

Posted by Pyrroc | Report as abusive