Balloon Boy was a hoax!

October 16, 2009

HT to Felix and Business Insider for this one, which I’m sure EVERYONE will be linking to tomorrow. Sounds like the boy was instructed to hide. I think Mommy and Daddy wanted a PR stunt for a book deal or a reality show.

What do others think?


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way to much coverage. Who set up an agree to all this coverage

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[…] Distraction of the Day: 6-Year old boy floats away in homemade helium balloon (but it was actually a hoax) […]

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I could see this being a hoax. The father seems like a dissembling operator.

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CNN is an absolute joke. I can’t wait for the requisite one hour interview of the dad with Wolfe Blitzer and Gloria Borger. Bunch of yapping hounds….

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I’m a bit confused with the boy in the balloon situation. Before I decide whether I think it was a hoax I was hoping someone could shed some light on some questions I have. Dad made a comment that he was sorry that he yelled at his son, and apparently his son said that he ran into the attic because his dad yelled at him. This is what I am confused about. How could the dad both yell at his son and also at the same time (the balloon literally took in a matter of seconds, as the parents home video shows), think he had time to climb into a balloon that literally took off in a matter of seconds, (apparently after he yelled at him? I get that the mom and dad were arguing and that they might have looked away and not noticed if the boy did climb in it, but, how did dad then yell at him if he was already in the balloon?
Also, I wanted to know about the reality of whether the helium in the balloon would even fly with a 6-year old in it? Dad is a supposed science-obsessed type, so I am wondering if it even makes sense that he could even believe the balloon would hold his son. My understanding is that according to the measurements of the balloon, there would not have been nearly enough helium in it to carry a 50 pound child anyway? If that is true, would thwe dad not already know that, being that he made the balloon, and “science” is his life.
I know that when a situation occurs such as a missing child, etc, people seem to have a propensity to want to blame the family, perhaps because we need to find someone to blame to feel like there is some closure on the issue, at least, and I do not want to assume that this was a hoax but it just seems quite bizarre to me. I mean, if I had a 6-year old, and a helium balloon in my backyard, that I knew had enough helium in it to carry my 6-year old boy, I would most certainly have taken serious measures to ensure there was no possible way he could climb into it, or release it; particularly when I’ve read that apparantly the boy was in the basket on a previous occassion. Could it be that dad knew it couldn’t carry him?

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As this tasteless hoax and its exploitation make apparent, some people will do anything to get on CNN. Including those who work there.

CNN’s like a vast conspiracy of Ugly and Stupid posing as newscasting – topped only by that merciless plague on modern travelers known as the CNN Airport Network.

Why? Because you can’t even turn down the volume.

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Take a step back and focus on the balloon. Look familiar? UFO’s over France, or was it Argentina, or maybe Italy? Either way it’s obvious that Mr Heene was intending to pull off another UFO haox and it backfired misserably. Take special note of the design of his balloon. The balloon was intended to put him squarely in the spotlight. Launch the balloon, get some video, be thrust into the limelight, who knows maybe get a reality show about UFO hunting. The video networks(TLC)know how well that garbage sells and so did Mr Heene. The guy is a self proclaimed “storm chaser” with a box full of video and photo equipment. The poorly thought out stunt (he had no intention of launching the balloon) simply backfired on them but thanks to hundreds of journalists whos livelyhood is video video video, a wantabe like Heene will always have an audience. It was intended to be a big UFO stunt and now the fool is a laughingstock.

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I pity the kids especially Falcon. Don’t their parents have better things to do than to create such a crazy hoax that inconvenience and worried so many of us? They should be ashamed of themselves.

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