Lunchtime Links 10-19

October 19, 2009

Stopping by the Value Investor Congress today….still getting over the Bears’ ATROCIOUS loss last night….

MUST READ: How Moody’s sold its ratings — and sold out investors (McClatchy) Great stuff from Kevin Hall.

Sorry, no jobs. This is California (Reuters) 12.2% unemployment rate in the Golden State.

With privilege comes…? (PIMCO) Downward pressure on the dollar to continue, but will it be a rout?

FDIC failed to limit commercial real estate loans (Bloomberg) Regulators had plenty of power to corral the bubble. They just didn’t use it.

Goldman, can you spare a dime (Frank Rich) Obama is modeling himself on the wrong Roosevelt. We need Teddy, not Franklin…

Everything you know about China is wrong (Newsweek) I think economic power is shifting from West to East. But it’s going to be a very bumpy ride. China’s got LOTS of its own problems. And the author doesn’t even mention they may be inflating a dangerous credit bubble…

Man tries to euthanize dog, dog’s owner tries to euthanize man (

Human jumbo-tron…


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The human j-tron is amazing, but notice that it is not real-time. You can tell by watching the people on the field. This makes it appear to be more instantaneous than it would be to those on the scene.

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Rolfe, a military weather satellite was launched from Vandenberg, we observed a pulsing green halogen like object at 8.55pm on Sunday moving from 45 degrees looking south above the Southern Cross Pointer Alpha Centauri and horison which also had a little pulsing dot in the middle and ended up in Scorpio’s head, traveling northwest. Apparently the rockets fell away over Europe, but what we were seeing was actually ‘rocket exercises’. Quite a few of my friends also saw it in different locations, so it could not have been Hindu sky rockets. I looked at the trajectory on my portable globe of the Earth and the ‘exercises’ part sounds like BS. Maybe NASA has an answer or Felix can research it for us ?

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