Evening links 11-3

November 3, 2009

It’s Japan we should be worrying about, not America (Evans-Pritchard) There’s no pretty way to de-lever…

Buffett splits “B” shares 50:1 (Jonathan Stempel/Lilla Zuill, Reuters) This will put shares in reach of regular folks. Look for index funds to load up. Oh and by the way, this should make it easier to short Buffett too…

Santelli vs. Liesman (CNBC) Santelli has a penchant for getting worked up, but how can you blame him when he’s talking to Liesman, who seems so worried about losing access to top policy-makers, he never takes a contrary position?

Here comes the “second stimulus” (Pimm Foxx/Mark Drajen, Bloomberg) It won’t be the last. Economists of all stripes are convinced that we have to stimulate as long as unemployment is high. But none of their models account for debt, so this will all end badly…

Economists reach for new paradigm (WSJ) Speaking of not accounting for debt in their models…Good article…but no mention of Minsky? There were plenty who read him years ago and were appropriately positioned to avoid the crash…)

Cell phone users miss the obvious, like a unicycling clown (Kie Relyea, Bellingham Herald)

Kitty doing math (Reddit)

How come the monkey gets top billing? (The coolest part is just past the three minute mark)


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But can the goat slackline? I don’t think so!

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Say Rolfe any thoughts on the breakup of RBS. Is that what might be in Citi or BAC future? If the UK can do it why are our banks TBTF? Their banks are even bigger relative to the economy.

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I guess I don’t understand why an index fund, or any other sort of fund, wouldn’t have the resources to buy B shares before the split… or A shares, for that matter.

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“Economists reach for new paradigm”:- Rolfe, the only way to sort out this mess is a new (not-accountant-only) value system, where everybody still ends up with the same asset and liability values. An example: a liter of water might soon be worth more than an ounce of gold, or a bird in the hand…

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