Bank failure Friday

November 6, 2009

As per usual, we begin in Georgia. The last one of the night is a big one.


  • Failed bank: United Security Bank, Sparta GA
  • Acquiring bank: Ameris Bank, Moultrie GA
  • Vitals: as of 9/14/09, assets of $157m, deposits of $150m
  • DIF damage: $58 million

Ameris Bank also bought American United two weeks ago.


  • Failed bank: Home Federal Savings Bank, Detroit MI
  • Acquiring bank: Liberty Bank and Trust, New Orleans LA
  • Vitals: as of 9/24/09, assets of $14.9m, deposits of $12.8m
  • DIF damage: $5.4 million


  • Failed bank: Prosperan bank, Oakdale MN
  • Acquiring bank: Alerus Financial NA, Grand Forks ND
  • Vitals: as of 8/30/09, assets of $199.5m, deposits of $175.6m
  • DIF damage: $60.1 million


  • Failed bank: Gateway Bank of St. Louis, St. Louis MO
  • Acquiring bank: Central Bank of Kansas City, KC MO
  • Vitals: as of 9/25/09, assets of $27.7m, deposits of $27.9m
  • DIF damage: $9.2 million


  • Failed bank: United Commercial Bank, SF CA
  • Acquiring bank: East West Bank, Pasadena CA
  • Vitals: as of 10/23/09, assets of $11.2 billion, deposits of $7.5 billion
  • DIF damage: $1.4 billion

The LA Times notes that United Commercial got $299 million of TARP money, which is now gone.

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Well, at least not too much DIF damage.

Putting the largest 19 financial institutions in America on the ‘do not touch list’ makes a big difference but there are a number of smaller, yet big enough to hurt the DIF institutions our there who are being left alone despite having received ‘fix it’ letters from the FDIC.


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