Weekend links 11-14

November 14, 2009

Lawyer crashes after life in fast lane (Koppel/Esterl, WSJ) Big Florida ponzi.

Buffett admits: Burlington not cheap (Frye, Bloomberg) Buffett was so eager to deploy his cash that he was willing to overpay for Burlington. What I think may be going on in his head: in a world likely to experience many more bubbles and busts, lots of paper wealth will be wiped out. Not a bad idea to turn cash into tangible assets.

After spending binge, administration says it will focus on deficits (Allen/Vandehei, Politico) Not sure if I believe this. The Senate is already planning a third stimulus dressed up as a “jobs” bill.

Treasury confident Congress will increase debt ceiling (Christie, Bloomberg)

Deeds, not words, on the US dollar (David Merkel) Well said.

The last of the Bluefin Tuna? (Estabrook, Atlantic)

VIDEO: Balloon boy parents plead guilty (Reuters)

How pumpkin pie is really made (imgur)

For geometry lovers…. (best after the 5:00 mark)

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the tuna quota dropped from 22,000 metric tons this year to 13,500 next year. a bit more than what NOAA wanted (8,000).

http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories2009  /20091116_iccat.html

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