Calling all design feedback!

December 8, 2009

Now that readers have had a few days to see the new Reuters blog format, we want to hear from you. What do you like? What do you hate? Send me an e-mail or leave a comment. I’ve been asked by the design team to compile feedback so now’s your chance. Please don’t be shy.

Topics for discussion:

1. The automatic “continue reading” feature on the front page of the blog.

2. Having comments appear on the front-page.

3. The color, font and size of text.

4. ….


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1- font size is very big, it should be 2 size smaller.
2- the red color of REUTERS is irritating, sodt colors or green,blue ot original orange is better.but NOT RED, its like a red flag raised, disturbing my eye.

Posted by john | Report as abusive

Far too much dead white space. Snow-blindness may be a result. Were I the web guy I would reduce line spacing and use some subtle background color to differentiate one section from another. For example, the comment area should be easy to distinguish from the posting, right now it isn’t.

The drop-downs at the top are very very nice – lots of links easily accessed.

Posted by CB | Report as abusive

Not a fan of seeing comments on the front page and having to scroll past them to get to your next posts. We’re reading the site because we want to see your thoughts, first and foremost — those of other readers, only secondarily.

Would also be nice to see all links you post to other articles (“lunchtime links”) on the front page, without having to click on “continue reading”…

It’s also kind of weird that the font used to display commenters’ names appears to be different (and larger) than the standard site font. That bugs me.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

Your site is still insecure, and prone to the worm mentioned in the following post:  /keep-wordpress-secure/

I’m also agreeing with a comment from here: 009/12/04/welcome-to-the-new-reuters/

“Half as much information in twice as much space.”

Posted by Denis | Report as abusive

Oh, and the comment meta (or whatever you call it on your front: the date…) is horribly misaligned. It should be aligned to the top of each comment; at gravatars (built into WP) would be welcome.

Posted by Denis | Report as abusive

I thought the old format was perfectly readable. But what I most dislike about the new one (other than the too-wide line spacing) is the way “continue reading” is implemented. Take this post, for example. We have to click through to read the last two lines? Please. It is very annoying to have to go to yet another page when the entire post is short (though better than at the WSJ blogs, where one can click a “continue reading” link–only to find no additional content whatsoever!).

Maximizing page views risks maximizing reader frustration.

Posted by LH | Report as abusive

The old format is more effective and efficient in presenting relevant information.

Posted by Lim | Report as abusive

Print should be darker–lack of contrast makes this harder to read. No need for double line spacing. Also don’t much like the click through. In short, the old format was far preferable.

Posted by jjw | Report as abusive

Agree with the snow-blindness. I keep a pair of ski goggles on hand for visiting your blog now. I forgot them yesterday and had to hire a sherpa to get me home from work.

Agree with funky font.

I’m “meh” on the need to click through. I could do without, but sympathize with the need.

I actually sort of like having the comments visible.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

1. The automatic “continue reading” feature on the front page of the blog.
— I hate it! It actually a major annoyance.

Posted by wdg | Report as abusive

Really don’t need the double-spacing (or near to it). It really just takes up more space & contributes to “snow blindness.”

With weaker eyes as I grow older, I do appreciate the font and text size.

Move the comments off the front page. I really read your column (& Rolfe Winkler’s too) for what you have to say, not what others have to say. It usually leads to an off topic conversation, sometimes irrational. Few blogs do this and I don’t think there is a good reason your’s should.

I can adjust to the partial entries on the first page, but the reading effect is that I don’t click through unless I’m really interested. Happens about half the time.

Posted by Lilguy | Report as abusive

I’m not a fan of the “continue reading” link, I liked how the whole post was published

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Takes a lot longer to download than the old site

Agree with most of the other comments. And making the comments visible just increases the amount of search/scroll time.

Posted by pwm76 | Report as abusive

Information on the right side of the screen should have a different background color to highlight it as different. It makes for easier viewing and quicker analysis of what I should and shouldn’t read. You can actually get rid of the “Most Comments” with comment totals and just give us the popular headlines w/ links on the right side.

And yes, get rid of the comments below stories. If I want to read them I can click through to get them.

For you Lunchtime Links, the hotlinks need to be highlighted further for quicker recognition.

Posted by Steve Roberts | Report as abusive

Don’t like the ‘continue reading’ feature. Makes reading the blog tougher and less time-efficient.

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

just go back to the old format.

Posted by million | Report as abusive

4. can’t search individual blogs
5. req’ registration to comment

Posted by glory | Report as abusive

The comments on the front page are really just annoying. It shows the most recent one or two, which often depend on context of previous comments, so they are useless.

The “Continue Reading” is also annoying. Just to read a few final lines, I have to click, wait for a reload, and then scroll back to find where I was reading. Super annoying.

Posted by Liv | Report as abusive

if your designers insist on the new format, then here:
1. dump the “continue reading…” link, it sucks
2. bring back the Reuters links on the left so i have somewhere else to click to after i read your blog
3. change your picture. good grief man, you look like a nerd trying to act cool, i.e. OMB’s Peter Orszag
4. hide the comments

Posted by million | Report as abusive

The “continue reading” link is very annoying. Dump it.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

Hide the comments

Posted by TomOfTheNorth | Report as abusive

How about offering clickable font sizing as implemented by NPR and other sites?

Posted by LH | Report as abusive

Prior format was completely better. Also, there is no link on the main page to get directly to the Blogger’s page. You have to open up ANalysis and Opinion, and THEN you have to hunt around for Reuter’s Breakingviews (kept clicking links, found you accidentally) to reach the bloggers that once had a dedicated front page link. I mean, I like reading Felix and all, but why isn’t it easy to link to the rest of you? It’s like you’re back-door pariahs or something.
I want my primary link back.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

Change the title of the page from ‘’ to include your name in it so when I bookmark it I know what it is.

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

Checking out your Lunchtime Links I noticed you now have a header with all the subjects covered, except they’re out of order. That’s confusing but it gets worse. I wanted to read the first item about Paul Volcker but there was no hyperlink attached to it. So then I tried to click on the Volcker name in the header (it was in blue after all)but that didn’t work either. Then, figuring I was out of luck, I clicked through to see the rest of the stories and, voila, there it was. I’m thinking that the monkey who was trying to type King Lear had one too many drinks and veered off into web design by accident.

Posted by jjw | Report as abusive

on the reuters main page i need to see the price of gold… thats what brot me here a 1 stop shop for information… the new pics are great but the main page is a wreck, barely works right if you ‘expand’ it or whatever
gold, oil, stocks and news… thats what i need
i can shop around if i have to, but with reuters i didnt have to and i liked it plenty

Posted by sandwich | Report as abusive

I like the new format, it is less cluttered than the old one. A few add-ons I would like:

– a ‘drop up’ to consolidate the world editions into:

Sub-Saharan Africa; The US; rest of Americas; Asia-Pacific; Central Asia; Europe; North Africa & Mid East + Institutional roundup (IMF, World Bank, NGO’s, etc.) (see Devex format);

– Indices graphs: 3, 5 and 10 years;

– Daily and weekly summaries;

– Breaking Views should be more prominent and be the first pop-up when clicking on Opinions and Analysis

– on the second landing page, I am a sucker for alphabetical order, generally it is too cluttered and could be consolidated, I assume the SDLC is ongoing;

– I noticed in the letter from the managing editor that the formats will be rolled out to other countries in 2010 – I would like all countries to be in the same format, even if content is scaled down.

Hope that helps.

Ps: The slideshows are pretty violent, I much prefer more artistic and soft photos like China slides.

Posted by Jacques the Grateful User | Report as abusive